Air Pollutions and Global Warming

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The Air & Atmosphere website is for everyone interested in making smart choices about air quality and global warming -- choices that are both economically and ecologically intelligent.

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SpeakersEcoIQ works to expand the audience for the valuable ideas and good work of speakers, authors, journalists, and researchers who focus on air quality and global warming issues. Our promotes speakers on air quality and pollution, climate change and global warming and related issues for conferences and for community, business, and university speaker series. The EcoSpeakers Bookstore offers the books of our speakers, including hundreds of enlightening and inspiring volumes and dozens of best sellers. You can support EcoSpeakers and our individual speakers by purchasing their books here. Our climate change and air quality related books cover global warming, air pollution, indoor air, air toxics, disinformation campaigns by oil and coal companies, the global commons, NASA space photography, and more. They may be viewed here and here. also includes an Online Article Center featuring our speakers. has added an article collection, including pages on Air Quality & Pollution and Climate & Global Warming, here.

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Video & promotes the creation and use of online video, TV, and audio programs focusing on air quality and climate change. EcoSpeakers offers both a Speaker Video Center and a Speaker Audio Center, and also provides a collection of climate change related online audio programs here. provides a portal to online educational and public affairs video programming covering all aspects of sustainability. Air quality videos are here, and climate change videos are here. These video and audio resources are useful for several purposes, including educational and training applications in schools and professional development programs. offers a portal for video producers here, a film and video bookstore here, and a documentary video DVD store here.

Online Publications About Air & 

EcoIQ Magazine is an online journal focusing significant attention EcoIQ Magazineon the efforts around the nation and around the world to improve air quality and stop global warming. Articles dealing with Air & Atmosphere and related issues are available here. The complete EcoIQ Magazine, as well as links to all archived articles, are available here.

The EcoGatewayThe EcoGateway includes The Link Center and The EcoIQ Directories. Altogether, the EcoGateway includes more than 5,000 links. The EcoGateway sections and pages related to air and atmosphere may be accessed here. Another section of includes articles on air quality and climate change here and here. More details and links to EcoIQ online air and atmosphere publications are available here.

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In addition to this Air & Atmosphere topic site, also provides the other topic-focused sites shown below. These topics are connected in the fabric of the real world ... everything is indeed connected to everything else. Actions which help in one topic area usually have impacts, often positive but sometimes negative, in several other topic areas.

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