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EcoIntelligence making change happen articles, speeches, and interviews.This section focuses on making the changes needed to resolve environmental and sustainability issues. It includes articles, reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts. Topics in this section include the environmental movement, environmental law, leading nonprofits, public participation, politics, motivating businesses, social marketing, employee incentives, activism, green parenting, environmental conflict resolution, whistleblowers, and more.

Making environmental change happens at all levels, as individuals, communities, companies, and nations. We need leadership, organization, and persistence to make the many changes urgently needed.

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Core Concepts of Sustainability Advocacy. Article by Dennis Church. Just as with democracy, we're likely to get the future that we deserve. Nobody else will save us. We must save ourselves. This follows directly from the near total dysfunctionality of our institutions and the failure of our elites to take responsibility for the general welfare of society. Perhaps, more carefully stated, the only way to return our institutions to the functionality we need is to fix them ourselves. Article >> More about Dennis Church >>

Beyond Ecomilitarism: A New Path For Environmental Activism. Presentation by Bill Shireman. We are working to change a system within which other people who are caring and concerned are operating. We need to begin to look at these individuals within businesses not as enemies who've sold out and taken the big time job with the corporation, but as catalysts, potential change agents, who are perfectly positioned to make change. Presentation Excerpt >> More about Bill Shireman >>

Preparing to Live in the Next Millennium. Presentation by Denis Hayes. For the first time in history, one species has developed the ability to change the entire world. Lots of species do lots of things in limited environments. A hundred twenty years ago in the Pacific Northwest, the human impact was probably less than the impact of beavers. That’s certainly changed. Presentation Excerpt >> More about Denis Hayes >>

The Work To Be Done: Making A Living While Making A Difference. Book excerpt by Melissa Everett. Making A Living (Buy Here >>) guides the reader through a program for career development that stresses personal fulfillment, integrity, and contribution. Lays out a framework for dealing with the unique challenges of establishing and maintaining a value-driven career. Book Excerpt >> Buy Here >> More about Melissa Everett >>

How Energy Issues Affected 2004 Race For President. Interview with Roger Ballentine. A John Kerry for President campaign advisor, Ballentine was interviewed in 2005 on how energy issues affected the 2004 race for President of the Unites States. Interview >> More about Roger Ballentine >>

Jobs Our Parents Never Heard Of. Article by Melissa Everett. "Here's one more reason," Everett writes, "to dread the infamous party question, 'What do you do for a living?' When you're talking about a fair number of the positions connected with protecting and restoring the environment, it is not easy to answer that question because so many new environmental jobs come in such unorthodox packages." Article >> More about Melissa Everett >>

No Need To Go Solo To Innovate: Try Intrapreneurship. Article by Melissa Everett. A lot of people are struggling with the dilemma: get a job or start a business? If you're an enterprising soul, but you're wishing for a supportive structure around you, consider a third path: creating something new within an established workplace. Article >> More about Melissa Everett >>

Recession Kids. Article by Josh Tetrick. Young people are hard hit by recession and are given a double-whammy of facing the world's mounting environmental problems. For many this can be psychologically deflating, but there are youth who are embracing Tetrick's mantra that "selflessness is profitable." They are using the latest technological innovations to solve the world's big issues. Article >>

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