Sustainability, National Security & War

EcoIntelligence sustainability, national security, and war articles, speeches, and interviews.This section focuses on sustainability, national security and war. It includes articles, speeches, reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts. Specific topics include natural resource wars, climate change, water wars, energy wars, geopolitics, conflict resolution, nuclear proliferation, disarmament, peace, terrorism, and more.

Despite not usually being labeled as such, national security and war have major ramifications for environmental sustainability. For example, when a nation has a localized and renewable energy supply it greatly reduces the need to go to war to protect foreign energy assets. Climate change, overpopulation, and over-consumption lead to more civil wars and other military conflicts because they threaten the supply of food, water, and other natural resources of populations.

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Sustainability & National Security Here >>

Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost Of Our Oil Addiction. Book excerpt by Terry Tamminen. Lives Per Gallon (Buy Here >>) is a hard look at the health, environmental, and national security costs hidden in every barrel of oil. While the petroleum industry is raking in huge profits, it is studiously avoiding measures that would lessen the hazards of its products. Using the successful lawsuits by state governments against big tobacco as a model, the author sets forth a bold strategy to hold oil and auto companies accountable and force industry reform. Book Excerpt >> Buy Here >> More about Terry Tamminen >>

Conference & Campus Speakers On
Sustainability & National Security Here >>


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