Population & Carrying Capacity

EcoIntelligence population stabilization articles, speeches, and interviews.This section focuses on population stabilization. It includes articles, speeches, reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts. Topics include carrying capacity, population growth, reproductive health services, and more.

Our world's finite natural resources are stretched thinner and thinner as the global population increases. Conflicts over water, food, land, energy, and other resources will increase and intensify if population continues to grow. Problems will be exacerbated by more people moving up the food chain and otherwise adopting consumer lifestyles. Population stabilization is a critical prerequisite for environmental sustainability.

Conference & Campus Speakers On
Population & Carrying Capacity Here >>

"" Nova: World In The Balance. Interview with Lester Brown. Between now and 2050, three billion people will join the six billion-plus that already live on this planet. How will we possibly feed them? Lester Brown has been consumed by this question for decades. Interview >>

"" Full House: Reassessing The Earth's Population Carrying Capacity. Article by Lester Brown and Hall Kane. This article discusses Brown and Kane's book on carrying capacity. It projects that over the next 40 years the world will face massive grain deficits in Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and China as populations grow. Article >>

Conference & Campus Speakers On
Population & Carrying Capacity Here >>

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