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The Long-Term Future

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Scenario Planning: The Link Between Future and Strategy. By Mats Lindgren and Hans Bandhold. This book uses examples and case studies to develop a new model for scenario planning that is closely integrated with strategy and innovation. More...

Scenario Planning Handbook: Developing Strategies in Uncertain Times. By Ian Wilson and Bill Ralston. This handbook for developing and using scenarios guides you step-by-step through the sequence and intricacies of a scenario project and subsequent strategic decision making. It discusses the uses and benefits of scenarios, what they are and are not, and when they are needed. In addition, it deals with the cultural and organizational changes that an organization must undertake to maximize the benefits of scenario-based planning. More...

Scenario Planning: Managing for the Future. By Gill Ringland. Takes a conceptual rather than mathematical approach to scenario planning. It is a hands-on guide to help you use scenarios, not as predictions or forecasts, but as powerful tools to manage the uncertainties of the future. It includes many case studies, checklists, early indicators and examples. More...

More Books

The Art of the Long View. By Peter Schwartz. In The Art of the Long View, Schwartz outlines the “scenario” approach to creating a strategic vision. More...

Earthfuture. By Guy Dauncey. Earthfuture provides us with a vision of positive and achievable alternatives. With its mix of utopian fiction and reportage of near-reality, it skillfully sows the seeds of an alternative future. More...

Books From Resellers

The Clock of the Long Now. By Stewart Brand. Civilization is revving itself into a pathologically short attention span. Brand, called "the least recognized most influential thinker in America," explores long-term responsibility. More...

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Conference & Campus Speakers On
The Long-Term Future Here >>

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