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Adventuring along the Lewis and Clark Trail. By Elizabeth Grossman. About the Lewis and Clark Expedition itself as well as a guide for where to go and what to see that gives travelers a real sense of knowing what the two explorers and their party experienced. More...

Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic. By David Wann, John De Graaf, and Thomas H. Naylor. A hard look at the symptoms of affluenza, the history of its development into an epidemic, and the options for treatment. This book will strike a chord with anyone who realizes that more time is more valuable than toys, and that our relentless quest for the latest stuff is breeding sick individuals and sick societies. As Kindle | More... | David Wann EcoSpeakers Info >>

Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World. By Diane MacEachern. Explains how women can harness the "power of their purse" and intentionally shift spending to commodities that have the greatest environmental benefit. Targets twenty products, including cars, cosmetics, coffee, food, paper, appliances, and cleansers, where women's dollars can make a dramatic difference. Provides easy-to-follow guidelines and lists so women can choose the greenest option. As Kindle | More… | Diane MacEachern EcoSpeakers Info >>

Choosing Simplicity: Real People Finding Peace and Fulfillment in a Complex World. By Linda Breen Pierce. Pierce, founder of a three-year Simplicity Study that followed the lives of 211 people, takes a close look at what it means to live more simply. As Kindle | More...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Living. By Trish Riley. Provides an overview of global warming and the environmental degradation of our air, water, and soil. Explains what sustainable living is and how to achieve it by cutting down on our carbon output with alternative cars and fuels, and by using environmentally friendly home and lawn care products. More...

The Complete Organic Pregnancy. By Deirdre Dolan and Alexandra Zissu. How pregnant women can minimize their exposure to invisible toxins. Where dangerous chemicals are lurking, why it's so important to avoid them when pregnant, and what can be done before, during, and after a pregnancy to protect children. This exhaustively researched book talks parents-to-be through everything from the safest laundry detergent to which crib mattresses contain toxic flame retardants. How to choose the right face cream, plastic water bottles, household cleaners, types of fish, and much more. How to make a difference for your children, even before they're born. As Kindle | More…

Cruise Ship Blues. By Ross A. Klein. Cruising is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Cruise Ship Blues reveals its dark side and discusses what can be done to make the cruise business socially and environmentally accountable. More... | Ross A. Klein EcoSpeakers Info >>

Cruise Ship Squeeze: The New Pirates of the Seven Seas. By Ross A. Klein. Focuses on the politics and economics of an industry subsidized by ports as well as by local, regional, and national governments and running roughshod over environmental and other laws and regulations. Through confidential documents and meetings with port officials, corporate executives, politicians, and industry insiders, it includes information never previously reported. More… | Ross A. Klein EcoSpeakers Info >>

EcoKids: Raising Children Who Care for the Earth. By Dan Chiras. Because schools and the media cannot be counted on to produce an Earth-friendly citizenry, the task falls to parents. Yet even aware parents often lack the understanding and resources to take on such a task. EcoKids presents a coherent plan that helps parents foster love for nature, teach children the importance of environmental protection, promote environmental values, and inspire actions that will last a lifetime. A hopeful and motivating guide. Includes a resource section listing helpful books, articles, videos and organizations. As Kindle | More… | Dan Chiras EcoSpeakers Info >>

The Everything Green Living Book. By Diane Gow McDilda. An introduction to the green lifestyle, it shows you how to get involved through grassroots efforts or volunteering, build or buy a green house, select and use nontoxic cleaning supplies, reap the benefits of organic foods, use nonpolluting modes of transportation, recycle more efficiently, find all-natural clothing and personal care items, and educate your children on living green. As Kindle | More...

Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial. By Mark Harris. Advocates green chemical-free burial and provides information on a variety of environmentally friendly burial options. Avoiding embalming keeps funeral waste out of our land and water, while burial in a shroud or cardboard coffin saves trees, minerals and energy. As Kindle | More... | Mark Harris EcoSpeakers Info >>

Green Made Easy: The Everyday Guide for Transitioning to a Green Lifestyle. By Chris Prelitz. Examines our daily lives from personal care and cosmetics to solar-energy systems, and explains how we can be both environmental and economical at the same time. As Kindle | More...

Kiss Off Corporate America : A Young Professional's Guide to Independence. By Lisa Kivirist. Your road map to creative self-employment, providing tangible resources, inspiration and support for creating your own entrepreneurial lifestyle. It is the first book to address the changing career needs of the post-boomer generation, proving tangible resources, motivation and support to explore alternatives. More... | Lisa Kivirist EcoSpeakers Info >>

The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide to Easy, Stylish, Green Living. By Josh Dorfman. Provides comprehensive guidance to fashion-forward consumers who are as concerned about the long-term health of our planet as they are about the design of their bathroom fixtures. Covers topics that range from clothing to electronic gadgetry, from home decor to recreation, and from gardening to financial investment. Dorfman lets us know which trends to watch and which eco-conscious products (cars, toothbrushes, cell phones, pet accessories) to buy. As Kindle | More… | Josh Dorfman EcoSpeakers Info >>

Rural Renaissance: Renewing the Quest for the Good Life. By John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist. In the ’60s it was called the “back to the land” movement, but whatever the term, North Americans have always yearned for a simpler way. But how do you accomplish that today? Blending inspiration with practical how-to’s, Rural Renaissance captures the American dream of country living. Describing a contemporary approach to homesteading, conservation and more sustainable living, it will appeal to a wide range of cultural creatives, conservation entrepreneurs and both arm-chair and real-life homesteaders regardless of where they live. As Kindle | More... | John Ivanko EcoSpeakers Info >> | Lisa Kivirist EcoSpeakers Info >>

Save Our Planet: 750 Everyday Ways You Can Help Clean Up the Earth. By Diane MacEachern. This guide offers simple suggestions on how to conserve the Earth's resources. It is divided into chapters corresponding to where we lead our lives. There is one chapter each for home, garden, garage, supermarket, school, office, and community. A section for renters and apartment dwellers has been included, as well as one on vacations that will give you – and the planet – a break. The Appendix lists additional books, catalogs, agencies, and organizations that you can join or from which you can get more information. More... | Diane MacEachern EcoSpeakers Info >>

Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle. By David Wann. In his bestseller Affluenza, Wann and his co-authors diagnosed the disease of over-consumption. In Simple Prosperity, he shows how we can overcome this disease by investing in “real wealth” sources. He draws on the latest research to document how social connections, good health, contact with nature, stimulating work, leisure time, and great neighborhoods represent our real wealth. By rethinking monster houses, excessive airplane travel, feedlot meat, and suburbs-without-stores, we can reduce our "ecological footprint." As Kindle | More… | David Wann EcoSpeakers Info >>

Voluntary Simplicity. By Duane Elgin. When Voluntary Simplicity was first published in 1981, it quickly became recognized as a powerful and visionary work in the emerging dialogue over sustainable ways of living. Elgin describes the changes that an increasing number of Americans are making in their everyday lives, adjustments that are an active, positive response to the complex dilemmas of our time. Shows how by embracing voluntary simplicity - frugal consumption, ecological awareness, and personal growth - people can change their lives and protect our planet. As Kindle | More... | 1998 Edition | Duane Elgin EcoSpeakers Info >>

What Can I Do? An Alphabet For Living. By Lisa Harrow. Concern for the health of our planet led award-winning actress Lisa Harrow and her husband, internationally renowned whale biologist Roger Payne, to create the performance piece “Lessons from Copernicus.” Following performances of their show, audience members frequently asked “what can I do?” This book is Lisa's response. It provides an extensive annotated list of resources to help everyone explore the practices of sustainable living. The advice covers a broad array of subjects and focuses on reaping the economic and social benefits of going green. More… | Lisa Harrow EcoSpeakers Info >>

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Conference & Campus Speakers On
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