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The Reporter's Environmental Handbook. By Bernadette West. Provides journalists with the facts they need to accurately cover complex and controversial environmental stories, from indoor and outdoor air quality to sprawl and bioterrorism. More...

Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation. By Jacquelyn Ottman. A good introductory text. It provides a clear understanding of the multitude of interconnected issues involved in green marketing. It will help you become better organized, recognize your company's strengths and weaknesses, and work toward changes that improve your company's environmental performance. More... | Jacquelyn Ottman EcoSpeakers Info >>

The Environment and the Press: From Adventure Writing to Advocacy. By Mark Neuzil. Looks at how the tradition of environmental journalism, starting with authors like Pliny the Elder, John Muir, and Rachel Carson, now defines issues and sets the public agenda. Argues that the relationship between the media and its audience is an ongoing conversation on what matters and what should matter. More...

Marketing Social Change: Changing Behavior to Promote Health, Social Development, and the Environment. By Alan R. Andreasen. Offers an approach to solving a range of social problems, such as drug use, smoking, unsafe sex, and overpopulation, by changing behavior using marketing techniques and concepts. Offers a detailed explanation of how to design a step-by-step program that will move the "customer" from ignorance and indifference to action and ultimately maintenance of that action. More...

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Environmental Crime and the Media: News Coverage of Petroleum Refining Industry Violations. By Melissa L. Jarrell. Explains that while there are many federal petroleum refining industry violations, only a limited number receive media attention. The lack of attention suggests that this crime is considered less important, despite the harm it does to the environment and human health. Examines print news media coverage of federal penalties assessed against the petroleum refining industry, and suggests that criminologists use the mainstream mass media to become more involved in the public discourse. More...

Oil Sands and the Earth: Framing the Environmental Message in the Print News Media. By Colin Babiuk. Oilsands development is the major economic driver of Alberta's economy, although the processes used to develop and extract oil from oilsands damage the environment - from habitat destruction to the depletion of freshwater reserves to the production of large quantities of greenhouse gasses. Uses critical praxis theory and critical discourse analysis methods to examine how stakeholders frame issues in the news media to create and shape public perceptions of the environmental impacts of energy development. More...

Professional Landscape and Environmental Photography. By Mark Lucock. Provides the information needed to improve your skills in recording and highlighting nature's intricacy and beauty from rainforests, mountains, grasslands, and even the concrete jungle. Provides instructions on how to control exposures and use filters, on the particular advantages of different cameras, and on how to market photos. More...

Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day. By Dave Evans. Demonstrates how to manage the details of starting a social media marketing campaign, and describes how you can track your results. Provides case studies, step-by-step guides, checklists, quizzes and hands-on tutorials to help you execute a social media marketing campaign in just one hour a day. Teaches how to integrate social media metrics with traditional media measurements and how to leverage blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, and user-generated content sharing sites like YouTube. More...

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Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Mastering the Art of Problem Solving. By Jonathan Koomey. How to collect and critically analyze data and information. Suggests a straightforward process of numerical analysis, using relatively simple math techniques, to make sense of numbers and turn them into knowledge. More… | Jonathan Koomey EcoSpeakers Info >>

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Conference & Campus Speakers On
Communication & Environment Here >>

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