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Green Manufacturing: Case Studies in Leadership and Improvement. By the Association of Manufacturing Excellence. Brings together articles and case studies covering environmental and energy issues that were previously published in the Association of Manufacturing Excellence’s Target Magazine. It covers moral, legal, and economic considerations. More...

The ManuFuture Road: Towards Competitive and Sustainable High-Adding-Value Manufacturing. By Francesco Jovane et al. Describes how we can avoid the negative consequences of production and consumption migrating to regions that have lower costs of production. Discusses a new model of future manufacturing (ManuFuture) developed in discussion with leading scientists involved in manufacturing as well as experts from research, industry and economic policy. More...

Design for Environment, Second Edition: A Guide to Sustainable Product Development: Eco-Efficient Product Development. By Joseph Fiksel. Offers a business rationale for developing sustainable products and processes, as well as a comprehensive toolkit for practicing "design for environment" in the context of product life-cycle management. Shows how environmental innovation creates business value, and helps companies to meet global energy and environmental challenges. More...

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Design of Sustainable Product Life Cycles. Edited by Jörg Niemann et al. Presents alternative methods of product design, operation and recycling, and explains how they can merge into an integrated approach to product life cycle design. Written for professionals, researchers and students in the field of product life cycle management, it enables the design of successful products using the implementation of closed loop product life cycles. More...

Designers, Visionaries and Other Stories: A Collection of Sustainable Design Essays. Edited by Jonathan Chapman and Nick Gant. Provides the reader with a resource of future visions, critical propositions, creative ideas and design strategies for working toward a sustainable tomorrow, today. Presents a collection of essays by some of the world’s leading sustainable design thinkers. More...

Green Electronics Design and Manufacturing. By Sammy Shina. Brings together contributions by a team of experts from the electronics supply chain who show how to master the strategy, design, test and implementation issues involved in meeting environmental regulations. Includes guidance on issues like lead-free conversions, restriction of hazardous substances, and global environmental regulations. More...

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