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McGraw-Hill Recycling Handbook. By Herbert Lund. Offers an overview of recycling, including the current laws that govern recycling, the strategic goals of recycling programs, and the need to boost public awareness of the value of recycling. Examines a wide range of recyclable materials including papers, plastics, cans, household wastes, and construction and demolition debris. For each material, it discusses collection and separation procedures, costs, the potential for re-use, the projected market, problems, and solutions to those problems. More...

Green House: Eco-Friendly Disposal and Recycling at Home. By Norm Crampton. An A to Z guide to disposing and recycling all varieties of common household trash, from broken appliances to spent smoke detectors, cell phones and pet waste. Discusses the most environmentally-friendly methods of dealing with household waste, points out that some trash may be someone else's treasure, and when there are multiple disposal options, describes the ins and outs of each alternative. More...

Reducing And Recycling Waste. By Carol Inskipp. Part of the Improving Our Environment educational book series for youth. Provides recycling and waste-related activities as well as charts, diagrams, suggested ways to get involved, a glossary, a bibliography, and web site links. More...

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Beyond Recycling: A Re-user's Guide. By Kathy Stein. Describes 336 environment-friendly, money-saving ways to re-use 70 types of common products, most of them not currently accepted for recycling. It also helps readers locate businesses and non-profit organizations that accept products not suited for average household re-use. More...

Cash for Your Trash: Scrap Recycling in America. By Carl A. Zimring. Integrating findings from archival, industrial, and demographic records, it provides a history of scrap recycling from colonial times to the present. Because it was particularly common for immigrants to own or operate a scrap business in the nineteenth century, the history of the industry reveals much about ethnic relationships and inequalities in American cities. More...

Reusing and Recycling. By Charlotte Guillain. Teaches children about reusing and recycling common household materials including paper, glass, plastic, and metal. More...

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Conference & Campus Speakers On
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