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Renewable Energy. By Godfrey Boyle. Provides a comprehensive overview of the principal types of renewable energy, including solar thermal, photovoltaics, bioenergy, hydro, tidal, wind, wave and geothermal. In addition, it explains the underlying physical and technological principles of renewable energy and examines the environmental impact and future prospects of different energy sources. It includes over 350 detailed illustrations, more than fifty data tables, and a wide range of case studies. More...

Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction. By Terry Tamminen. A hard look at the health, environmental, and national security costs hidden in every barrel of oil. While the petroleum industry is raking in huge profits, it is studiously avoiding measures that would lessen the hazards of its products. Using the successful lawsuits by state governments against big tobacco as a model, the author sets forth a bold strategy to hold oil and auto companies accountable and force industry reform. He also offers a blueprint for developing alternative energy sources based on California's real world experiences. More… | Terry Tamminen EcoSpeakers Info >>

Renewable Energy: Sustainable Energy Concepts for the Future. By Roland Wengenmayr and Thomas Buhrke. Provides a contemporary overview of renewable energy. Scientists focus on how photovoltaic, solar power, wind power, hydropower, geothermal energy, fuel cells, and hydrogen work. Presented in full-color with informational diagrams and information boxes. More...

Power From the Wind: Achieving Energy Independence. By Dan Chiras, Mick Sagrillo, and Ian Woofenden. An easy-to-understand guide for individuals and businesses interested in installing small wind energy systems. Includes information on ways to assess wind resources at your site, installation of wind turbines, towers, inverters, and batteries, system maintenance, and costs. Designed to help readers make the smartest, most economical choices and to communicate effectively with wind system installers. More… | Dan Chiras EcoSpeakers Info >>

Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes, Second Edition. By Aldo V. da Rosa. Explains the scientific and technological principles and processes that enable energy production from safe, renewable, clean sources. It gives readers all the background they need to gain a thorough understanding of the most popular types of renewable energy, including hydrogen, solar power, biomass, wind power, and hydropower. The latest advances in all these technologies are given particular attention, and they are carefully contextualized to help professionals and students grasp the "whys and hows" behind these breakthroughs. More...

More Books

Alcohol Can Be A Gas!: Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century. By David Blume. Explains the history, technology, and even the sociology of renewable fuels in a fashion that can be appreciated by expert and novice alike. Offers countless hands-on technical solutions ranging from home stills to for-profit manufacturing strategies. More… | David Blume EcoSpeakers Info >>

Biodiesel America: How to Achieve Energy Security, Free America from Middle-east Oil Dependence And Make Money Growing Fuel. By Josh Tickell. Provides a fresh perspective on our oil-laden history (why America is more dependent on oil than any other nation), our present position of energy compromise, and the true potential for a fossil-fuel-free future. Shows that an abundance of available, economically viable, and profitable energy solutions exists. More… | Josh Tickell EcoSpeakers Info >>

Charging Ahead: The Business of Renewable Energy. By John J. Berger. Charging Ahead shows how renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles, when used together, can give us back a clean environment and create a healthy, sustainable economy. More...

From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank. By Josh Tickell and Kaia Tickell. Details all aspects of running diesel engines on vegetable oil. Includes information on biodiesel, the diesel fuel substitute made from new or used vegetable oil, as well as information on running any diesel engine on straight vegetable oil. Packed with history, information, instructions, photos, diagrams and resources. More... | Josh Tickell EcoSpeakers Info >>

From Space to Earth: The Story of Solar Electricity. By John Perlin. The history of photovoltaics (the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity by solar cells) from the early 19th century to the present. Brings home to the lay reader the background of the technology that may be our best energy option for the future. More... | John Perlin EcoSpeakers Info >>

The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy. By Dan Chiras. This guide starts by outlining the likely impacts of fossil fuel shortages and some basic facts about energy. It then discusses energy conservation to slash energy bills and prepare for renewable energy options. Focusing on specific strategies needed to replace specific fuels, the book examines each option available to homeowners. More… | Dan Chiras EcoSpeakers Info >>

Nuclear Madness. By Helen Caldicott, M.D. In this revised, updated, and expanded edition, Dr. Caldicott defines the dangers of this madness including the insidious influence of the nuclear power industry. More...

The Official Earth Day Guide to Planet Repair. By Denis Hayes. Changes in individual, local, and national energy choices can slow or even stop the dangerous build-up of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere while saving money, helping the economy, and enhancing human health. More... | Denis Hayes EcoSpeakers Info >>

Power Surge: Guide to the Coming Energy Revolution. By Christopher Flavin. "Nearly unnoticed by government and industry, the world energy economy has entered a period of rapid change that may be as far-reaching as the computer and telecommunications revolutions," according to Power Surge. "The giant oil refineries and coal-fired power plants that energized the twentieth century soon may be relics of the industrial revolution, as obsolete as the typewriter or Model T Ford." More…

Renewable Energy Policy. By Paul Komor. Takes a pragmatic, nuts-and-bolts look at the myriad government efforts to promote renewables, and reports back on what works, what doesn't, and why. In clear, jargon-free language, this book shows how and why some policies have achieved impressive results, and others have failed. More… | Paul Komor EcoSpeakers Info >>

The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling. By Dan Chiras. Explains in detail how today's homebuilders can succeed with solar designs. Now that energy efficiency measures including higher levels of insulation and multi-layered glazing have become standard, it is easier than ever before to create a comfortable and affordable passive solar house that will provide year-round comfort in any climate. More… | Dan Chiras EcoSpeakers Info >>

Books From Resellers

Cool Companies. By Joseph J. Romm. Describes the experiences of highly energy efficient firms. Includes more than fifty case studies demonstrating improving processes, increasing energy efficiency, and adopting new technologies. More...

Winning the Oil Endgame. By Jonathan Koomey, Amory B. Lovins, E. Kyle Datta et al. Describes a plan for reducing U.S. oil use by 50% by 2025 and ending foreign oil dependency. The plan is market-based and uses existing technology. Elements include more efficient oil and natural gas use, superefficient vehicles, and development of cellulostic ethanol. More… | Jonathan Koomey EcoSpeakers Info >>

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