The Sustainability Advantage Sustainability Advantage
Seven Business Case Benefits of a Triple Bottom Line


Bob Willard
Format: Hard Cover
Length: 240 pages
Publisher: New Society
ISBN: 0865714517
Copyright: 2002

Corporations are under increasing pressure from customers, investors, employees, legislators, banks, and insurance companies to embrace social and environmental responsibility. But Wall Street demands quarterly results, a stringent return on investment, and a short payback period. Up until now, there's been very little evidence expressed in business language showing the short-term benefits of the "triple bottom line."

Written in the pragmatic language of business leaders by a senior manager at Big Blue, The Sustainability Advantage shows that the business benefits of sustainable development strategies are quantifiable and real – and executives do not have to be environmental activists to reap these benefits.

Each of the seven sustainability strategies presented in this practical guide are easy to grasp, yet powerful enough to lead to significant business opportunities – from reducing hiring and retention costs and improving productivity to decreasing expenses and increasing revenue and shareholder value. Executives will especially appreciate a unique spreadsheet into which they can insert their own data to see for themselves whether the business case for sustainable initiatives is a profitable one for their company


“The Sustainability Advantage makes the most compelling argument yet for how business can profit from a strategy that focuses on the health of people and the planet. Bob Willard shows us in rich detail – with case examples, financial spreadsheets, and practical applications – that sustainability is not only the ethical thing to do, it’s the economic thing to do. And, after reading Willard’s book, I think you’ll be as convinced as I am that in the long term it’s the only thing to do. By putting The Sustainability Advantage lessons into practice you’ll save your company, you’ll preserve the environment, and you’ll earn new respect for yourself.”
-- Jim Kouzes, co-author, The Leadership Challenge

“An important book, providing what we believe to be the first systematic quantification of the business case for triple bottom line performance.”
-- Oliver Dudok Van Heel and John Elkington, SustainAbility Ltd.

About the Author

Bob Willard recently retired from his senior management position at IBM to pursue his commitment to sustainable development full-time. Over his 35 years at IBM, Willard was recognized with numerous awards for outstanding leadership, HR development, marketing and sales. He lives in Ontario, Canada.

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