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Sustainable Managment of Mining Operations. Edited by J.A. Botin. Provides a holistic, practical approach to enhance corporate reputations, achieve higher operational efficiency, improve planning and control, gain access to mineral resources, build trust with stakeholders, attract financing, recruit and retain a quality workforce, and lower costs. Each section of this book focuses on sustainable management from a different perspective, management level, or stage of the mine life cycle. Includes real-life, practical insights from 27 internationally respected authors whose job titles have encompassed everything from CEO to master mechanic. More...

Breaking New Ground: Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development. Edited by Linda Starke. Analyzes the different needs and risks of all those affected by mining as well as the issues of supply and demand for minerals throughout the world. Offers a model that other industries can follow. More...

Mining, Society, and a Sustainable World. Edited by Jeremy Richards. Examines the minerals industry in relation to sustainable development through a collection of peer-reviewed, edited papers. Takes a proactive, positivist, and solution-oriented approach, while not shying away from identifying the real problems that mining raises in respect to social and economic development, environmental impact, and human development in general. More...

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Human Rights in Natural Resource Development: Public Participation in the Sustainable Development of Mining and Energy Resources. Edited by Donald N. Zillman et al. Public participation will define major resource, mining, and energy developments in the twenty-first century. Provides much needed practical and theoretical guidence to understand the new human dimension in law and development that will be essential not only for lawyers but also for companies, governments, international agencies, and citizens. More...

Mining for Sustainable Development in Tanzania. By Kassim Kulindwa. Analyzes how macro-economic reforms in Tanzania and the policy instruments applied to achieve objectives are faring in the mining sector, and assesses the impact of mining on the economy. Examines to what extent expanding mining activities can ensure a sustainable path for Tanzania, and draws up a policy framework to steer the economy along a more sustainable development path. More...

Sustainable Minerals Operations in the Developing World. Edited by B. R. Marker et al. Gives examples from developing countries at all scales of mineral extraction. Reviews environmental, economic, health and social problems, and highlights the need to solve these problems before sustainability can be achieved. Argues that the best solutions require full involvement of all stakeholders, education, training and investment to help small-scale and artisanal mines grow into well-managed operations. More...

Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective. By Vasudevan Rajaram et al. Provides a basic overview of international sustainable mining practices since 1992, with particular emphasis upon practices in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Addresses issues such as the volume of waste generated by mining, mine closure planning and the associated environmental impacts. Also goes into blasting impacts and their control in the US, minimizing surface water impacts, minimizing groundwater impacts, use of environmental indicators in mining, and emerging mining technologies. Contains relevant examples and case histories, and also includes a chapter on "best mining practices for sustainable mining" and sections on small-scale mining, tailings pond management and hazardous waste management. More...

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