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Water Resources

Large Packages Available’s stock footage inventory in the water resources area has a total running time (TRT) of 1 hours and 48 minutes and includes 343 individual clips. If purchased as small groups, the total purchase price would be more than $2,550.

We have aggregated these clips into much larger packages and priced these packages for a small fraction of what you would pay for the same footage if purchased a few clips at a time. All of this footage is available in one large package (7A) for only $285, or it is available in large sub-packages (7B & 7C) for less, as explained here.

This package summary includes links to pages on which you may view all the clips (using the “Comprehensive” links) or view highlights for a less time-consuming process (using the “Highlights” links).

Rights Available

Your royalty-free rights to use our stock footage clips are described here. You may also purchase the right to resell our clips as stock footage, and that option is described here.

Making A Purchase

For details on payment and shipping, or if you have questions, click here.

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