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Millions may be engaged on a local level, but their efforts never make the Network News. As a result, we all miss, and never have the opportunity to be inspired by, how much good and successful work is being done right now. It is only natural, as a consequence, to fail to appreciate the potential to greatly increase the change actually being accomplished.

If you'd like to help us shine a light on what is working in the effort to find common ground, to make our democracy work, and to protect our homes and communities, please send us an email to get connected to us.

One-off suggestions and comments are welcome as well. You may spot places where more explanation or evidence is needed, or where a better segue would help knit together a more cohesive narrative. Or you may simply want to suggest a book, article, or organization for our Helpful Resources section. It is intended to provide as many answers and as much useful information as possible.

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