Our Core Goal
To Help Advocates Succeed

Our operating premise is that our homes and communities face great dangers and that no one will ride to our rescue. If we are to be protected, we will have do it ourselves. Something similar goes for opportunities. No one will deliver them on a platter. We will need to seize them. As a practical matter, that means we need a movement of millions of citizens who together can restore functionality and sanity to our political system, and then greatly accelerate adaptive change. Home by home. Community by community. From the grass roots up.

A positive future requires millions of effective communicators, advocates, activists, and leaders to engage our most pressing problems and identify and reel in compensating opportunities.

We have two primary objectives:

1. To encourage more participation in the movements, organizations, and activist initiatives working to strengthen our civic institutions and protect our homes and communities.

2. To encourage advocates, activists, and leaders, both newly engaged and veterans, to actively work to become much more effective.

Some of the discussion on EcoIQ may sound idealistic or abstract, but in fact our intention is above all else practical. We embrace ideals not to prove our virtue or gain the approval of God or of the moral enforcers of our time. It just that a lot of what is said so closely resembles idealistic values that it is easy to confuse them for that. In fact, our intention is hard-nosed pragmatism. We want to help inspire, motivate, and assist activists and advocates in being more engaged, more effective, and more hopeful. That's pragmatic because it is the only path with a chance to work.

Why Just The United States

While many of the ideas expoused on EcoIQ are applicable elsewhere, our focus will be squarely on the United States. Since many of the most critical problems require global solutions, our work is predicated on the view that we are trying to light a candle in our corner of the darkness, and it will be up to others elsewhere to illuminate pathways for their communities, countries and regions.

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