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Films included on this page cover one or more of the many elements and practices that contribute to making agriculture more sustainable.

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"" Ripe For Change. (DVD) This fascinating documentary explores the intersection of food and politics in California over the last 30 years. It illuminates the complex forces struggling for control of the future of California's agriculture, and provides provocative commentary by a wide array of eloquent farmers, prominent chefs, noted authors and scientists. 55 min. More...
Ripe For Change DVD video.

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"" Classic Natural Resources & Conservation Films. (DVD) Archival films promoting the conservation or mixed use of land. Includes "To Conserve Our Heritage" (1940), a conservation film sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture stressing the importance of soil management, wildlife management, and pollution management. 67 min. More...

"" Fed Up!: Genetic Engineering, Industrial Agriculture And Sustainable Alternatives. (DVD) This informative documentary assembles a formidable array of experts on the current state of agribusiness, as well as amusing and frightening archival footage, to paint a picture of how we eat today. 57 min. More...

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