Finding Common Ground

EcoIQ Editor's Commentary: The Spirit of Liberty & Democracy

No matter how much we improve the functioning of our democratic system, we will fall far short of what we need unless we also restore the spirit of democracy.

As intangible and difficult to pin down as this spirit may be, we will not thrive as a nation without it. It includes an idea that many of us voiced early and often when we pledged that we are "one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." We must now remember those values and embrace all Americans as our fellow citizens. We must be very clear. We are all part of an American family. You can't claim to be patriotic and hate half of America.

If we cannot learn to honor and respect each other again, we will fail as a nation. That would be tragic for all Americans, and tragic as well for the entire world. If we fail, the tragedy would not be an episode, but instead an ongoing and worsening condition, worse for our children than for us, and worse for their children than for them.

There is a growing recognition that tribalism, hostility, and vilification must be unwound if we are to move forward together as a country. A variety of organizations are actively working toward this end.

The Big Picture

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Practical Help To Promote Engagement

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Organizations & Information Sources

We're building collections of online organizations and information resources to support local efforts. The organization links, articles, books and other resources are intended to provide as many answers and as much useful information as possible. If you are working on local projects, we hope you'll find these resources helpful.

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