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This page of Online Videos is an index of our videos, including presentations, presentation excerpts, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, TV appearances, and eco-performances, for authors and speakers with last names starting with “H.”

Chris Hacker

"" Sustainable Business Practices. Chris Hacker, Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Design at Aveda, discusses their sustainabile business practices. About 4 minutes. Play Video >>

Garrett Hardin

"" Overpopulation, Carrying Capacity, And Quality Of Life. Interview with Garrett Hardin. Hardin discusses population growth, carrying capacity, and quality of life. Rising global population increases pollution and puts more demands on food, water, transportation, and other natural resources. Hardin suggests that reduced population would lead to a better quality of life. About 9 minutes. Play Video >>

Denis Hayes

"" New Energy For A New Era. Presentation by Denis Hayes. Hayes speaks as part of Earth Day 2000: New Energy for a New Era at Harvard University's Institute of Politics. His presentation begins at 9 min. 15 sec. into the video. About 92 minutes. Play Video >> More about Denis Hayes >>

"" Seattle Voices Interviews Denis Hayes. TV interview with Denis Hayes. Seattle Voices host Eric Liu talks with Hayes, president of the Bullitt Foundation, about the work of the Foundation on environmental sustainability. About 30 minutes. Play Video >> More about Denis Hayes >>

Amy Holland

"" Learn about the Benefits of Organic Clothing. Host Nicole Tomlinson meets with Amy Holland, owner of EcoWise, to discuss how organic clothing can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and help the environment. About 4 minutes. Play Video >>

Lori Hunter

"" Population, Health, And Environment. Presentation excerpt by Lori Hunter. Offers a lively, brief, and accessible explanation of the connections between population, health, and the environment, with examples and photos from successful programs in the Philippines. About 9 minutes. Play Video >>

Michael Hurwicz

"" Engaging Children In Climate Change. Online interview with Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz. Singers, songwriters, and environmental educators Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz discuss their work engaging children in climate change through educational entertainment. They also share some eco-songs. About 28 minutes. Play Video >>

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