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Bonnie Nixon-Gardiner

"" Opportunities in Building More Sustainable Supply Chains. Presentations by Richard M. Locke, Fernando Paiz, and Bonnie Nixon-Gardiner. Locke explains how collaborative approaches have worked to improve foreign factory labor standards. Paiz shares Wal-Mart's work on environmental and labor standards in Central America. Nixon-Gardiner discusses Hewlett-Packard's communication of standards of ethics, environmental sustainability, human rights, and labor to its managers and partners worldwide. About 76 minutes. Play Video >>

Debbie Noah

"" Environmental Education & Kids Clubs. Debbie Noah provides some simple suggestions for how to get your kids engaged in environmental activities. She recommends looking for a local environmental education club and provides some environmental children's book titles. Environmental issues also provide opportunities for children to learn how to be leaders. About 2 minutes. Play Video >>

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