Push Everywhere At Once
A Strategy For Success

It must be clear that modest improvements in the functioning of our democracy and governments will not be nearly enough to do what we need our governments to do - tackle urgent problems at scale while at the same time seizing the opportunities opened by rapid change. Because our systems of democracy and government are broken in so many places and in so many ways, a very broad and multifaceted campaign is needed.

Attack Everywhere At Once

It follows that a strategy to restore or reinvigorate democracy will likely need dozens of active parts. Given the "wicked" nature of our problem, the best approach may be to do many things concurrently. Register voters, fight gerrymandering, lobby the school board to restore civics education, have a come to Jesus talk with local news editors, go door-to-door with voter education materials, the list may at times seem endless, and it certainly appears demanding.

The approach that makes the most sense on a national level is to attack every facet, every crevice, and every nook-and-cranny of this complicated problem. On a local level, specific aspects may be particularly fruitful depending on unique local conditions. Activists on the ground should make local judgments, but those who are thinking on a larger geographic scale should be supporting everyone, everywhere, doing every one of the many things that need doing.

That sounds hard, but actually isn't. There are so many useful things we can do that, for many people, the hardest part will be deciding where to invest their own personal resources from among the many good choices.

While all together we can do many things, any one person will need to pick and choose. Democracy is another of those all hands on deck enterprises. If we are to restore its vitality and effectiveness, there can be no passengers, only crew.

The good news, and there is good news, is that if citizens unite and actively engage to push an issue, at some point their demands will overcome resistance. An aroused, engaged, and united public could utterly transform America. It would, in fact, be exactly what its advocates claim - unstoppable.

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