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EcoIQ Editor's Commentary: Our Stake In Democracy

Without a well-functioning democracy, America will be far less able to cope with the rapidly mounting challenges we face. At the same time, a dysfunctional democracy will be unable to recognize and grasp opportunities. Acting together, these failings would drive literally thousands of communities across America into decline.

That our democracy is well and thoroughly broken is widely understood, and it isn't necessary to re-tell that story here.

Trapped inside our broken system, we face mounting problems, significant although often unrecognized opportunities, and all of it made much more difficult by the ever accelerating and unrelenting pace of change, change that unmoors and disorients even as it delivers a rush of thrills and a plethora of wild promises.

If we fail to reestablish a well-functioning democracy, the most likely future is that we will simply be overwhelmed, overcome by a complex, ever-evolving, boiling witches' brew of unsolved problems and missed opportunities. And this fate, if it should come to pass, would be almost entirely of our own making. This is truly a wicked problem.

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We're building collections of online organizations and information resources to support local efforts. The organization links, articles, books and other resources are intended to provide as many answers and as much useful information as possible. If you are working on local projects, we hope you'll find these resources helpful.

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