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The thinkers, innovators, and pathbreakers of the sustainability movement have had a lot to say over the last couple of decades. Fortunately for us, the Internet provides the means to preserve and expand the circulation of what these leaders have had to say. In our Eco-Media Collections, these leaders explain problems, discuss available solutions, and attempt to point us toward workable pathways moving from the mess we’re in to implementing the solutions we need.

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Many of the resources offered on are made available on topic pages. This permits more quickly and easily locating what is of greatest interest to you.

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Guide To EcoIQ

EcoIQ has taken a new direction in the last couple of years. It is now focused more tightly on the challenges facing all of us as we begin to move through the 2020s. is a large site with a long history. The options below provide connections to the new efforts as well as to the green focused products that make up the bulk of EcoIQ's twenty-five years online.

Resources For Speakers

Resources include extensive discussion of how best to showcase your speaking talents as well as discussion of the most effective techniques to turn inquiries into speaking engagements. Also included are some sample videos.

Link Center Collections

Some of the link collections were created a few years ago, so over the next year we will be cleaning out the bad links and adding new links to bring these pages up to date. While we are no longer exchanging links, we welcome links from other sites where such links serve the purposes of those sites.

Video Production

In the ten years from1998 through 2008, was in the video production business. We produced videos for the EcoSpeakers YouTube Channel, we shot and/or edited some 5000 stock footage clips on a wide range of sustainability-related topics, and we developed an index of resources for video producers. Some of this work may still be useful, so we provide access to it below.

EcoIQ Magazine Archive

The EcoIQ Magazine has featured the iconic spacecraft-view of Earth as its cover for nearly a quarter of a century now, and it remains a powerful image conveying the reality that we live on one planet and that we will thrive, or not, as a whole. To some the image only whispers, to others it shouts, but the message embodied is the same: “Like it or not, we’re all in this together, so we had best start acting like it.”

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