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You’ve landed on EcoIQ’s longstanding Site Home. This remains an easy entry to access our EcoIQ.com green site content. Another easy starting point is our Navigating page. It provides topic specific direct links into some of our media collections as well as additional links that many will find help them go directly to what interests them the most. All this has been done to make way for the new EcoIQ, a site focusing on building the functional and cooperative governance without which nothing that we must do will be possible. Visit the new EcoIQ >>

Resources In Our Green Site

We have three large and recently updated media collections, each organized both by topic and by author/speaker. They are online video, online radio and audio, and online articles (including related print products such as studies, reports, and the like). These are intended to be useful for teachers, students, and anybody else who wants to learn more about a particular subject.

Another useful resource on the green site is our guide for aspiring speakers. To succeed as a speaker, you need to effectively showcase your speaking talents, describe what you speak about in a manner that makes the value and appeal of your presentations clear to your potential audiences, constantly strive to improve your presentations, and represent yourself in dealing with venues and booking agents in a professional and savvy fashion. This in depth resource describes in detail how to succeed as a speaker.

The EcoIQ Magazine published 14 quarterly issues almost 20 years ago, and a bunch more articles intermittently since then. Of these hundreds of articles, only a couple of dozen are still useful. They are a mix of features, opinion articles, book excerpts, and book reviews, and they are available through our EcoIQ Magazine Archive. We’ve also maintained our page to acknowledge Contributing Editors & Writers.

It is worth mentioning that a few other sections of the site are going to be kept online. These are described in more detail on our archive page. They include our EcoIQ Link Center, our Resources for Video Producers, our royalty free stock video footage collection of 5,000 preview clips (available for viewing, not for sale), our EcoSpeakers YouTube Channel, and a page displaying videos we produced to support speakers.

More About EcoIQ

Our About EcoIQ section remains relatively intact, and it includes some things worth keeping. In addition to some background on our history, our founder, and more acknowledgments of the generous assistance provided to EcoIQ.com, this section includes a page of articles and reports authored by Dennis Church that offer insight into the early history of the sustainable communities movement.

Our Navigating page provides an additional way to access parts of this still quite large website. It provides topic specific direct links into some of the media collections, as well as additional links that many will find help them go directly to what interests them the most.

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