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he following authors and environmental and planning professionals have contributed feature and/or opinion articles to EcoIQ Syndicated Features.

Michael Castleman

Author of a dozen books on health related issues, including Nature's Cures and Before You Call The Doctor. In addition, he has written for newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, The Nation, Sierra, Redbook, Self, and others. He has taught health and medical writing as an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley. For more about Michael Castleman, visit his page here.

Rob Caughlan

Vice President of The Roanoke Company. He is a filmmaker, speaker, and writer specializing in environmental and safety issues. He was on the White House staff under President Carter, was a special assistant at the EPA, and was general partner in Voice of the Planet, a ten-part nationally broadcast television series on global environmental issues starring William Shatner and Faye Dunaway. For more about Rob Caughlan, visit his page here.

Dennis Church

President of EcoIQ. He has written numerous articles and speeches on the subject of creating sustainable communities. He founded The Global Cities Project for Earthday 1990, and wrote Building Sustainable Communities: An Environmental Guide for Local Government for the Project.

Melissa Everett

A professional career counselor and author of Making a Living While Making a Difference: Conscious Careers for an Era of Interdependence. She has also written three previous books and many articles. She is the recipient of the Olive Branch Award of the NYU Center on War, Peace and the News Media for her book Breaking Ranks. For more about Melissa Everett, visit her page here.

Richard Gertman

Principal of Environmental Planning Consultants. He has written for most of the solid waste management and recycling journals in the United States. He has taught or lectured on integrated waste management at San Jose State University, UC Davis, UCLA, and the University of Wisconsin. He has also served as an officer or board member of the National Recycling Coalition, the California Resource Recovery Association, and the Northern California Recycling Association. For more about Richard Gertman, visit his page here.

Walter McGuire

President of The Environmental Policy Center and director of The Global Cities Project, a leading educational and research organization promoting sustainable communities. He advanced presidential trips for the Carter White House, and he served as the legislative advocate for the California Governor's Office in the early 1980s. McGuire was the national field director for Earth Day 1990, the largest environmental event in United States history. For more about Walter McGuire, visit his page here.

Eric Rosenblum

He is director of South Bay Water Recycling, an urban water reuse system in California's Silicon Valley. Current activities include applications of advanced water treatment technology and the economics of developing sustainable water supplies. He is also an active member of the WateReuse Association and the Bay Area Regional Water Recycling Program.

Jeffery J. Smith

President of The Geonomy Society. He researches, writes about, and organizes around "geonomics" or natural rent issues. He was a guest of the Green Party of Taiwan, where he spoke before legislators, academics, and activists.

Katherine Thornberry

A local government professional, she is also a San Jose based business, technology, and real estate writer. Her local government career includes several years working as part of the City of San Jose's Environmental Services staff. She has written for the San Jose Mercury News, the San Jose Business Journal, and others.

Karen S. Walz

The Principal in Strategic Community Solutions (SCS) and the Executive Director of The Dallas Plan, a non-profit organization created to work with the city of Dallas and the Dallas community to create and implement a long-range plan. Prior to forming SCS, Walz was Director of Planning for Freilich, Leitner and Carlisle, managing planning projects for clients nationwide. She has also served as the Manager of Comprehensive Planning for the City of Austin and as Special Assistant for Economic Policy at the Boston Redevelopment Authority. For more about Karen S. Walz, visit her page here.

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Writers | Archive Of Retired Features

Conference & Campus Speakers On
Sustainability & Environment Here >>

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