Visitors & Friends, had shifted over January and February of this year to focus much more tightly on the challenges immediately ahead. Then along came the pandemic. Now even more than just a few short months ago, we stand to lose everything that matters to us if we fail to return our government to the hands of rational people with the public interest as their goal.

As the founder of first EcoIQ and then later, I've been dedicated to promoting sustainability for more than 40 years. Today, people often ask, have we delayed too long? Is it too late? Of course, there is an important sense in which it will never be too late. That said, another four years of Trump and those problems already upon us would get certainly get much worse. And now we have to add the pandemic to the equation. It is difficult to imagine returning to economic functionality without effective political leadership, and it is impossible to envision that leadership coming from Republicans.

Another four years of continued Trump/Republican "leadership" and we would be so damaged and deranged that pivoting back to sanity would take additional years after that. If we extend our dysfunction for those additional years, we would be nearly certain to go past tipping points that would envelop and trap our children and grandchildren inside a failing civilization, itself inside a failing biosphere. In this future, billions would suffer grievously, and much of the natural world would be forever destroyed.

To preserve at least a chance at avoiding this horrific future, we must defeat Trump decisively, retake the Senate with a margin, and critically, position a New Democratic Majority to govern effectively after victory in November.

We simply must give all that we have to these goals right now. If we fail, and as a result have Trump and/or paralyzed government for the next four years, our prospects to avoid a massive tragedy would dim dramatically.

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Dennis Church
Founder & Editor

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