Make A Difference Now

Among the most important things everyone can do right now is to become involved in the efforts to take back both the White House and the Senate and more generally to empower and mobilize voters.

November Election Action

Unless we retake the White House and the United States Senate, nothing important will get done. It is that simple. Moreover, while the Senate would tip to Democrats with a net gain of four seats, critical programs to address our major problems stand much less chance if only a single purple state Senator is sufficient to block them. For this reason, we should consider supporting candidates in as many Senate races as possible. More >>

Voter Mobilization

We must make a huge push to protect and expand voting rights and to help potential voters overcome whatever barriers to voting they may face. We must also get out the vote by contacting our voters and doing whatever may be needed to get them to their voting place. Finally, confidence that elections are conducted fairly is vital, and watchdog organizations and alert citizens alike help ensure that votes are counted honestly. More >>

From The Editor

This evolving section includes Dennis Church's articles on democracy and politics as well as a substantial section of advice ("tips") for activists. A profile of the historical work of EcoIQ is included, and access to many of the original green website offerings worth preserving is offered as well. More >>

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