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Now that Democrats have taken the Senate, a national effort to empower and mobilize voters leading into the 2022 midterm elections is essential. For Democrats to accomplish their policy agenda, both houses of Congress and the White House must stay in Democratic hands for a good long time. That judgment is based simply on the unhappy conclusion that a sane Republican party, a party led by honest, honorable, principled conservatives (think Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace, Stuart Stevens, and yes, Mitt Romney), won’t be coming back anytime soon. Until such a party emerges, Democrats won’t have a governing partner, and it thus will be essential that Democrats maintain control of the government.

The long-time owner and editor of, Dennis Church, has shifted the online home of his pro-democracy work. will continue to host the sections below (Voter Mobilization, Tips For Activists, and Resources for Activists) as they will have value going forward. The new focus for pro-democracy work is a new website:

Dennis has pulled together an informal ad hoc group of activists, political professionals, marketers, writers and journalists, all working as volunteers, who share a desire to stimulate more support for grass roots pro-democracy organizing.

The purpose of our website is to generate new financial contributions and increase volunteer participation for community-based organizations working to register voters and get voters out to vote. Our efforts are focused on states that contain winnable campaigns to elect Democrats or pass helpful ballot measures.

So, please do check out the new site,, and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter. If you sign up, you’ll get news of our progress as we develop our new website. Visit now >>

Voter Mobilization

We must make a huge push to protect and expand voting rights and to help potential voters overcome whatever barriers to voting they may face. We must also get out the vote by contacting our voters and doing whatever may be needed to get them to their voting place. Finally, confidence that elections are conducted fairly is vital, and watchdog organizations and alert citizens alike help ensure that votes are counted honestly. More >>

Tips For Activists

Being an effective advocate, especially when reaching out to people who may not share your views, requires understandings and attitudes that make possible interactions that are positive, friendly, and productive. These same understandings and attitudes can give you the critically important ability to avoid getting sucked into painful and counterproductive conflicts. By working to hone such skills, you can have a much greater impact as an activist. More >>

Resources For Activists

People have been working to solve today's most pressing problems and take advantage of our most promising opportunities for some time now. Much has been learned. We can't be starting from scratch with every effort. We human's learn from experience. Or at least, it is said that such practical learning is one of our strong suits. More >>

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