Voter Mobilization

Recent years have witnessed a rapid growth in voter suppression efforts. Accordingly, we must make a huge push to protect and expand voting rights and to help potential voters overcome whatever The right to vote means little if people don't exercise that right.barriers may have been placed in their paths. Of course, the right to vote means little if people don't exercise that right. So the second leg of our effort must be to get out the vote by contacting our voters and doing whatever may be needed to get them to their voting place. Finally, all concerned must have confidence that elections are conducted fairly and that their votes are counted honestly and completely. Watchdog organizations and alert citizens alike are vital, and ultimately elections that people trust depend on the several levels of government involved to do their jobs competently and honestly.

Advancing Voting Rights: Ensuring People Can Vote. There are countless schemes to suppress the vote. The denial and suppression of voting rights is intended to keep minority views and special interests in charge of our government for the foreseeable future. Thousands of activists are fighting to defeat this suppression of voting. We should all join them. More >>

Mobilizing Voters: Ensuring People Do Vote. Eligible voters are encouraged and assisted in registering and voting. Voters have access to the truth about incumbents' voting records. Peer-to-peer communication apps built to mobilize voting allow friends to remind friends to vote. And why stop at voting when you can run for office and help provide the leadership we need. More >>

Securing Elections: Ensuring Honesty From Start To Finish. Manipulation, election-rigging schemes, hiding who pays for dishonest ads, all these sins and more are business as usual. Verified fairness and honesty are needed to restore trust in the democratic process. Some of the challenge is simply to make honest information accessible to citizens and journalists. For that, volunteers are needed. More >>

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