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The EcoIQ Film & Video Bookstore offers video producers and film students a high quality selection of books on video production, cinematography, lighting, audio, video editing, scriptwriting, special effects, marketing and distribution, documentaries, video activism, wildlife filmmaking, and more.

Production Skills & Equipment

From script to screen, these books on production skills and equipment will help you succeed in creating powerful independent films.

"" Production
"" Cinematography
"" Lighting
"" Audio
"" Editing
"" Scriptwriting
"" Special Effects

Production & Distribution Resources

Whether you plan to distribute your film or video online, on DVD, or in the theaters, learn how to market and distribute your work to ensure that it gets seen by the widest audience possible and is profitable in the process.

"" Marketing & Distribution

Video & Film Books By EcoSubject

Learn how to produce films and video on environmental subjects.

"" Wildlife

General Information

Get information about video activism, film and video directories, and the creation and history of documentary films.

"" Video Activism
"" Directories
"" Documentary Film Genre Video & TV Home > Film & Video Books
Alternative Scriptwriting book.

Independent Film Distribution book.

Special Effects book.

Video & Film Lighting book.

Shut Up & Shoot Documentary film book.

Audio Postproduction for Digital Video book.

Image Politics book.

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