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EcoIQ Editor's Commentary: Cooperation Is The Path To A Future That Works

EcoIQ's New Path & Purpose

Humanity's capacity to cooperate has, more than anything else, gotten us to where we are. We must now cooperate as never before to avoid becoming the victims of our own success.

EcoIQ focuses on promoting greater cooperation in three broad areas: Making Democracy Work, Finding Common Ground, and Protecting Our Homes & Communities. It also includes a section, Connecting The Dots, that describes how our three areas of focus are related to each other in ways that help us, that permit us to develop "virtuous cycles" where gains in one area spill over to increase progress in other areas. Connecting The Dots also features a series of pages devoted to strengthening the communication and organizing skills of activists, advocates, and community leaders.

All three of the sections focused on promoting cooperation include commentary and analysis, and then each focuses on the practicalities of efforts now underway. We point at who is doing what and describe and explain what they are doing. Are there models that can be useful elsewhere? How can you start a similar local effort? How can you support local efforts underway elsewhere? How can you support organizations working to promote the replication of these efforts on a broader geographic scale? And finally, each includes a section of links to resources including organizations, articles and books.

Our focus is on the United States. This isn't because we consider our country to be more than a part of the solution to our global problems, but rather it is because it falls to us to make our corner of the world work better just as it falls to others elsewhere to do the same.

Introduction To EcoIQ's Major Focuses

Making Democracy Work. Our democracy is in terrible shape. The wants, needs and interests of most of our citizens are vastly underrepresented in the halls of power, while the well connected do very well indeed. Democracy is a difficult system, but all of the others that have been tried have proven far worse. They all seem to devolve to tyranny, and the autocrats aren't nice guys. So, we are left with only one acceptable choice. We must make our democracy work better. And not just a little better, but better to a degree that would be transformative. More >>

Finding Common Ground. The chances of serving the country's long-term interests in such a divided and hostile political environment are zero. You can debate if the word should be "small" rather than "zero". You can debate that, if you wish, but it hardly seems worth the effort. If we cannot find common ground, then we cannot make our democracy work. If we cannot make our democracy work, then we cannot protect our homes and communities. If we cannot protect our homes and communities, then our story is unlikely to have a happy ending. Finding common ground is truly a wicked problem. And it is a problem that, wicked or not, we absolutely must solve. More >>

Protecting Our Homes & Communities. Home is where the heart is, and EcoIQ seeks to engage people around their deepest cares and connections. The goal is to shine a light on the many succeeding efforts around the United States that are helping people get organized as they strive to protect their homes and communities. A thriving world requires thriving communities. More >>

Connecting The Dots. Success in the three areas described above requires strengthening the communication and organizing skills of activists, advocates, and community leaders, and this section includes pages focused on how we can that. Our core goal is to inspire, motivate, and assist all those promoting adaptive change to be both more effective and more hopeful. The three focus areas described above are clearly all connected to each other in innumerable ways. They are also connected to larger issues, from climate change to inequality, from protecting privacy to preserving our freedom and the rule of law. This section explores the potential to create "virtuous cycles" from which gains in one area will spill over to increase progress in other areas. Finally, this section explains how volunteer reporter/researchers can get involved to help make our pages more robust and more useful. More >>

Resources For Effective Activism

EcoIQ includes linked lists to organizations, articles and books related to promoting more cooperation, reducing unproductive conflict and hostility, and joining forces as citizens to solve problems and seize opportunities. More >>

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