Preview Tape 6.6
Lumber Mills’s stock footage video clips are no longer available for purchase, and our individual clips are no longer available from Green Stock Media. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips available for historical and archival purposes.

Lumber Mill In Montana - vs0262
90 Clips TRT 22:37 Price: $139.00
Many and diverse shots of a lumber mill operating in Montana. Wide shots of the mill, including shots next to a river in winter and nighttime shots. Large front loader with specialized log carrying claw moving logs. Close up, medium, and wide shots of steam and smoke rising from stacks and vents. QuickTime Preview Here - Part 2 | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Water Powered Lumber Mill - vs0390
6 Clips TRT 0:25 Price: $49.00
Medium shot pan of a water wheel turning. Then zooms in to a close up of water coming off the wheel. Close ups and medium shots of a vertical saw blade cutting a log. Shot of a large metal wheel turning inside the mill. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Wood Framing Mill - vs0408
17 Clips TRT 3:11 Price: $79.00
Static shots and pans of a wood framing mill. Stacks of boards and beams. Shots of a man sanding a curved piece of wood with a handheld electric sander. A pile of wood blocks of varied sizes. Views of circular saw blades and milling equipment. Large piles of saw dust. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Inside Cab Of Log Lift Equipment - vs0412
1 Clip TRT 0:56 Price: $59.00
Shot inside a cab behind two men operating a log lift with hand controls. View out the window of the cab showing a boom moving and a large grapple setting logs down and picking them up. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Stripping Bark From Logs - vs0507
11 Clips TRT 2:21 Price: $79.00
Debarker removing bark from a log. Panning shots of piles of stripped bark next to stacks of log. Bark dropping off the end of a conveyor belt onto a pile. Piles of logs in a muddy lot. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Logs Being Cut Into Boards - vs0511
7 Clips TRT 0:22 Price: $49.00
Close up and medium shots of logs being cut into boards by large circular saws. Front, profile, and angled views. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Operating Portable Sawmills - vs0515
28 Clips TRT 5:33 Price: $89.00
Two men operating a portable sawmill in a forest. Positioning a log on the mill bed, cutting a log into planks, cutting planks into boards, and placing the boards onto a stack. Shots of a log that has been cut into planks with bark intact. Shots of a man scraping bark off a log with a hand tool. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Large Stacks Of Cut Logs - vs0519
31 Clips TRT 7:43 Price: $119.00
Shot of a very tall stack of logs with a full log truck passing in front of it. Panning shots of long log stacks shot from a moving car. Large grapple on a crane holding several logs above a log stack. Workers taking measurements of logs lying on the ground in front of piles of logs. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

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