Direct Funding & Fundraising
Assistance for Activist Groups

Organizations listed below include 501(c)3s, (c)4s, Foundations, PACs, SuperPACs, and more. All are involved in some way in either giving to voting activist organizations or raising money for them.


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Airlift raises money to fund long-term local organizing, investing in proven local groups that engage voters’ felt needs to motivate voting. Their key battleground states include Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, California, North Carolina and Arizona. Airlift’s thoughtful selection and vetting process appeals to many donors.

Asian American Action Fund

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The Asian American Action Fund is a political action committee that works to increase the Asian American and Pacific Islander community’s voice in politics at every level of government. They "are building a national network of AAA-Fund chapters, leaders, and activists," and they invite anyone interested to contact them.

Credo Donations

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Credo Donations distributes $2 million yearly to progressive groups working on voting rights, women’s rights, climate justice, and related issues. They explain their mission this way: “Most companies go into business to make money. Thirty years ago, we went into business to make change… and we’ve succeeded better than we ever imagined.” Since then, they’ve donated more than $94 million.
Credo's Unique System: Customer Votes Direct Contributions

Crowdpac: Crowdfunding for Politics

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Crowdpac is committed to helping emerging leaders run for office. It assists candidates in exploring a campaign, in collecting pledges, in raising money for slates, in social media fundraising, and in fundraising event promotion. Assistance is provided to groups sharing "the progressive values of the Crowdpac community".
Start A Campaign

Flip the Vote

Flip the Vote identifies grassroot groups in swing states with records of registering voters and GOTV success. In 2020, they raised $7 million for groups who together registered more than one million voters. Donating early to groups allows them to invest in building the infrastructure needed. Donations may be split evenly between the seven groups, or they may be allocated separately. Contributions are not tax-deductible.

Democracy Alliance

Democracy Fund

Dine for Democracy Voting Fund

Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation

The Joyce Foundation

Movement Voter Project

Movement Voter PAC Political Action

Priorities USA

Roddenberry Catalyst+

Seattle Foundation Voter Education Fund

Southern Poverty Law Center

Threshold Foundation

Tides Healthy Democracy Fund

Unitarian Universalist Funding Program

Walk the Walk

Wallace Global Fund

Way To Win Action Fund

Published: October 2021
Revised: June 2023

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