Donation Services Can Help: ActBlue

Most progressive donors are familiar with ActBlue, the primary donation platform used by most Democratic campaigns. What may be less widely appreciated is the value of this platform to the many grassroots organizations that take beneficial advantage of ActBlue’s services.

You can get an overview of the range of organizations and projects using ActBlue by looking over its directory of fundraising accounts. Their website provides well organized information on the services they provide for campaigns and organizations, and it offers an easy-to-follow step-by-step explanation of the setup process, including all requirements for establishing an account.

There are many great examples of pro-democracy and voting activist organizations using ActBlue services to their advantage. ActBlue allows a substantial funding appeal as well as your distinctive “branding” on their pages. For example, see Way to Win Action Fund.

Here are a few more of the many examples of pro-democracy and voting activist organizations using ActBlue:

LUCHA: Website | ActBlue Page

Mi Familia Vota: Website | ActBlue Page

Our Voice Our Vote Arizona: Website | ActBlue Page Website | ActBlue Page

Published: October 2021
Revised: June 2023

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