More Effective Website Donation Appeals

Most activist group websites include a request for donations, but many of those requests could be made more effectively. Our subject here is donation appeals that are on a website 24/7/365 and are not related to any particular fundraiser or any particular program. They are general appeals for donations to support the overall work of a group, and they are often promoted with a DONATION button on every page.

The presentation of a donation request is the focus of this page. Your donation page or pages must interface with a donation processing service provider, and these are discussed in some detail on our page covering donation related services and tools. We also discuss donation appeals involving social media pages separately.

Many donation processing service providers offer donation page templates and setup assistance as part of a broad palette of communication and event organizing tools. These templates and tools may or may not meet your needs. Templates may be optional or required, but all processing service providers are going to have some required elements for donation pages. One example (of many) of a fundraising service provider is GiveSignup. Their donation page recommendations are described here.

No one approach to making donation pages fits all needs, and one group's members or followers may have very different ways of looking at requests for donations. We will not try to define the content of a good donation page appeal because there is no single right answer.

Instead, we'll start by displaying some good donation page examples from the voting rights arena. Then we'll link you to experienced voices with tips and donation page-making advice, followed by experts’ collections of great donation page examples. Finally, we'll close this page with a brief discussion of using Google Images to access even more ideas for your donation pages.

Outstanding Voting Rights Donation Pages

Below are some examples of good donation pages (click on any thumbnail for a larger image). These appeals differ a great deal in part because the groups themselves are very different, but all these pages have their virtues. The groups themselves are doing vitally important work, so we have provided working donation links below each image in case any visitors to this page may wish to donate to one of these worthy groups right now.

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Using Google Images for Donation Page Ideas

Finally, searches using Google Images can be a great source of ideas for fundraising pages. See, as examples, search results using as search strings: donation pages for defend democracy; donation pages for pro-democracy; donation pages for progressive groups; and donation pages for progressive politics.

You can also try any number of search string alternatives using Google Images, including:

Published: October 2021
Revised: June 2023

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