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Program Design & Implementation

Organizations listed below assist state and local voting activists and groups by training leaders, by providing data and technical support to boost the success of programs, and by providing networking platforms that facilitate learning from fellow activists.

The Action Network

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The Action Network, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, offers emailing and mobile messaging services for recruiting volunteers, raising funds, and organizing events. Their service offers a sophisticated system of tools that support messaging campaigns from the beginning steps through to the analytics tracking data that allows the assessment of your results. They also offer specialized tools for mobilizations, petitions, letter and call campaigns, fundraisers, and other events. Their fees are very modest, and for smaller groups, their “Grassroots Toolset” (for organizations sending less than 10,000 emails a month) is free.

The Analyst Institute

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The Analyst Institute measures what a group does and the results it gets, and it uses that data to develop recommendations for increasing results. They offer trainings, consulting, and actionable guidance, tailored to the specific needs of an organization. They have particular expertise in GOTV. Services are available to members, and membership applications are invited.

Center for New Data

Civic Nation

Field Team 6


National Voter Corps

People Demanding Action

Rust Belt Rising

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Published: June 2021
Revised: July 2023

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