National Groups Mobilizing Voters Directly

The organizations listed below work to encourage and support registration and voting by everyone - encompassing people from all demographic subgroups. They stand up for people's voting rights everywhere they are threatened.

ACLU People Power

Social Media:facebooktwitter is the ACLU’s platform for organizing grassroots action across the country. Over the last several years, their teams of volunteers have hosted thousands of events, sent millions of text messages, and made over a million phone calls in support of voting rights. In 2020, People Power supported the ACLU’s Let People Vote campaign, winning 28 victories safeguarding voting rights in 21 states and Puerto Rico. There is a zip code searchable event finder for events planned around the country.
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ALL On The Line

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ALL on the Line is focused on fighting against gerrymandering and for fair redistricting maps. To accomplish this, they train volunteers to testify at redistricting hearings, assign them to specific legislators as part of legislator accountability teams, and work with them to develop maps for communities of interest to present to mapmakers in the process.
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National Popular Vote

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The National Popular Vote Bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes nationwide. As of mid-2023, 16 states and the District of Columbia, with a total of 205 electoral votes, have enacted the law. It will take effect when enacted by states with 65 more electoral votes. Supporters are encouraged to email their legislators and send a Letter-to-the-Editor to newspapers in their state.
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Field Team 6

Progressive Turnout Project


Run for Something

Vote Forward


Working Families Party

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Published: June 2021
Revised: July 2023

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