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This page features sources of news about the voting activist movement, its successes and its campaigns, as well as political news related to the larger pro-democracy movement and to the upcoming 2024 elections. Some of these websites offer networking opportunities for activists, and some offer a variety of communication support services.

DemCast USA

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DemCast has published hundreds of articles over the last two years on voter registration, turnout and GOTV campaigns. Their stories are displayed by state and are keyword searchable. DemCast harnesses digital tools and social platforms “to maximize the connectivity, coordination and impact of the grassroots activist community.” Activists have “their fingers on the pulse of local elections and political issues,” they explain, and DemCast provides a much-needed outlet to get these stories out. DemCast solicits grassroots groups and state and national organizations alike to publish content on their site at no charge. Their partner invitation explains the service they provide to organizations. They also invite “content creators” to publish articles, calendar events, and graphic art. Finally, they have created a series of training videos on organizing skills and on using social media effectively.
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The Action Network

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The Action Network offers emailing and mobile messaging services for recruiting volunteers, raising funds, and organizing events. Their tools support messaging campaigns from the beginning through to the assessment of results. They also offer specialized tools for mobilizations, petitions, letter and call campaigns, fundraisers, and other events. Their fees are very modest , and for smaller groups, their “Grassroots Toolset” is free.

Action Together Network

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This Network connects leaders of grassroots progressive groups with creators of resources for organizers. There are member groups and resources in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Their extensive library of webinars and videos includes training programs on grassroots field strategy as well as on how-to succeed at voter registration.


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Public News Service

Voting Rights Lab – Voting Rights Tracker By State

Vote Smart

Democracy Jobs: Voters First

Wikipedia: 2024 United States Elections

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Published: June 2021
Revised: July 2023

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