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Communication & EnvironmentOnline audio programs, including presentations, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, talk radio guest appearances, broadcast radio news and feature stories, green performances, and radio documentaries with a broad focus on being a more effective communicator, countering special interests working to block truthful communication, tips and tools for presenting scientific issues, designing social marketing campaigns, and speaking to the need for purpose.

Specific topics include language intelligence, improving your science communication skills, how the war on science is designed to discredit the work of climate scientists, fostering sustainable behavior, U.S. experience with social marketing programs, a step-by-step process to plan, evaluate, budget, and implement a social marketing campaign, integrating green thinking and sustainability into new and existing products, and combating cynicism.

Language Intelligence: Lessons on Persuasion. Interview with Joe Romm. Discussion of Romm’s latest book, Language Intelligence: Lessons on Persuasion from Jesus, Shakespeare, Lincoln and Lady Gaga. Romm also weighs on extreme heat, fires and drought as well as the political and media lack of discussion on climate and energy issues. Listen Here >>

Climate Denial, Education and Politics. Commonwealth Club program with Naomi Oreskes, Joe Romm, and Eugene Scott. There is a war being waged on science by government opponents and special interests, designed to fuel skepticism and discredit the work of climate scientists in the eyes of the public. Their techniques go back to the Greeks, says Joe Romm, author of Language IntelligenceListen Here >>

A Scientist’s Guide to Communicating Climate Science. A webinar series from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Want to improve your science communication skills? Want to know the best tips and tools for presenting scientific issues to the public? The Union of Concerned Scientists offers three webinars designed to provide you with useful tools and best practices for how to talk about global warming and for understanding how people perceive and take in information. Listen Here >>

When Wildlife Documentaries Jump The Shark. Interview with Chris Palmer. Science literacy is plummeting, explains Palmer, and when people watch a show containing sensational but untrue portrayals coming from a highly esteemed broadcaster such as Discovery, that distracts viewers from real problems in the oceans, like shark finning and pollution. Palmer says that while the Discovery Channel has done a lot of good, faked content is not responsible. Listen Here >>

The Sam Ervin Fan Club. Interview with Rob Caughlan. The Slate podcast series on Watergate includes this interview with Caughlan, who co-founded The Sam Ervin Fan Club to help shine a spotlight on the critical work Ervin was doing to hold Richard Nixon accountable for the crimes of Watergate. Listen Here >>

Fostering Sustainable Behavior. Presentation by Doug McKenzie-Mohr. Behavior change is central to sustainability. We are going to be unable to make the transition unless we are able to work out how to get people to change behaviors related to watershed protection, energy efficiency, transportation choices, waste reduction, and much more. Listen Here >>

Good Works and So Do the 4Ps. Presentation by Nancy Lee. She shares success stories at the World Social Marketing Conference in Brighton, England. Lee covers the U.S. experience with social marketing programs focusing on tobacco cessation, pedestrian safety, HIV/AIDS testing, and litter prevention. Listen Here >>

Social Marketing Planning in Ten Steps. Presentation by Nancy Lee. A step-by-step process to plan, evaluate, budget, and implement a social marketing campaign. Presented at the World Social Marketing Conference in Brighton, England. Listen Here >>

Green Marketing’s New Rules. Interview with Jacquelyn Ottman. Using her more than thirty years experience in green marketing, Ottman demonstrates how sustainable products and brands provide an ever-expanding global opportunity, and how they are now very much a part of the marketing mainstream. She shares practical strategies to meet the challenges and the demands of green products and offers ideas for integrating green thinking and sustainability into new and existing products and brands to provide added value. Listen Here >>

The New Rules of Green Marketing. Interview with Jacquelyn Ottman. She was working with Fortune 500 companies, government officials, Hollywood celebrities, educators, and plain old consumers back when green was just a color. She knew the rules were changing, so she wrote a book about the strategies needed to play by the new rules. Ottman talks about her book The New Rules of Green Marketing and about the inspiring ideas for sustainable branding. Listen Here >>

From Rhetoric To Results. Interview with John Marshall Roberts. Explains how environmental intentions and rhetoric can be turned into results that make a difference. Listen Here >>

Leveraging Purpose: The Fourth Bottom Line. Interview with John Marshall Roberts. John talks about his article Leveraging "Purpose", The Fourth Bottom Line. Those who care about the environment and want to make a difference often forget that other people don’t necessarily care. They have not connected it to their own sense of and need for purpose, and what inspires their interest is seeing the life experience of other people who have. Listen Here >>

Three Species Of Environmental Cynicism. Interview with John Marshall Roberts. John talks about his article 3 Species Of Environmental Cynicism. Have you ever been frustrated by the cynicism and apathy that you encounter when trying to convey our environmental challenges to a non-believer? If you answered yes, then check out this interview and read the article linked above. Listen Here >>

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