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EcoIntelligence sustainability articles, speeches, and interviews.Online audio programs, including presentations, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, talk radio guest appearances, broadcast radio news and feature stories, green performances, and radio documentaries with a broad focus on energy use, sources, generation, conservation and policy.

Specific topics include renewable energy alternatives (solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal, hydroelectric, microhydro, ocean thermal, and wave energy), fossil fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas), nuclear energy, energy efficiency and conservation, vehicle fuel standards, cogeneration, distributed generation, and energy policy. Presentations also cover energy use by the internet, oil available from The Artic National Wildlife Refuge, and the true cost of fuel (counting externalities such as climate change, degraded air quality, and extraction impacts).

Lives Per Gallon. Online interview with Terry Tamminen. Explains why the true cost of fuel is much higher than what we pay at the pump, and describes the ways our dependance on fosil fuels could be supplanted by clean renewable energy sources. Listen Here >>

Interview With Renowned Architect Peter Ellis. Interview conducted by David Gottfried. Ellis discusses his work on very large site and city design, including Jaypee Sports City that is home to a million people in India, 30 miles south of New Delhi. His city and campus design practice embraces new concepts on transportation, water, energy and waste. Another specialty is the re-structuring of America’s 19th-century cities, focusing on how they could contribute positively to the natural environment. Listen Here >>

The Nissan Leaf, The Gulf Oil Spill Disaster & The Story of King Corn. Interviews conducted by David Steinman. Interviews with Paul Scott, co-founder of Plug In America; Peter Lehner, executive director of the Natural Resources Defense Council; and Aaron Woolf, director of “King Corn: You are What You Eat.” Listen Here >>

Fracking for Oil & The Green Party. Interviews conducted by David Steinman. Interviews with Josh Fox, director of “Gasland,” and Derek Iversen, spokesperson for the Green Party of California. Listen Here >>

Obama Halts Offshore Drilling. Interview conducted by David Steinman. Interviews with Anna Lenzer, reporter for “Mother Jones” magazine, Chad Nelson, environmental director for the Surfrider Foundation, and Jeff Gearhart, research director for the Ecology Center. Listen Here >>

Bullitt Center: A Building That Functions Like An Organism. Radio interview with Denis Hayes. Discussion of the new Bullitt Foundation headquarters building in Seattle. They call it the greenest building in the world. It is a “living building” that will generate all its own electricity and water. Listen Here >>

Fuel: Uncovering America's Dirty Little Secret. Online interview with Josh Tickell. Josh talks with Sierra Club Radio about his new documentary film Fuel: Uncovering America's Dirty Little Secret. Listen Here >>

The Reason Why Internet Servers (Hopefully) Won't Destroy the Earth. Interview with Jon Koomey. Because billions of computer users around the world are clicking "save" more and more, it may seem like we'll have to keep building server farms apace to store all those baby pics and status updates. But that's not exactly how it works. Storage, it turns out, isn't really the problem. Listen Here >>

Higher Ethanol Blends & Air Pollution. Interview with David Blume. Higher blends of ethanol in gasoline reduces air pollution, including the three major pollutants, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. Listen Here >>

NPR’s Science Friday: Ethanol Power to the People. Interview with David Blume. Discussion of the most common misconceptions about the use of ethanol for fuel, and about Blume’s vision for decentralized, community supported ethanol production in the United States. Listen Here >>

The Alcohol Revolution. Interview with David Blume. Discussion of alcohol, permaculture, and Consumer Supported Energy. Listen Here >>

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