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Agriculture, Food & FiberOnline audio programs, including presentations, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, talk radio guest appearances, broadcast radio news and feature stories, green performances, and radio documentaries with a broad focus on the impacts of climate change on food supplies, on how to restore soil quality and reconcile farming with natural cycles, on the global rush to buy up arable land, and on creating a more sustainable and healthful food system.

Specific topics include the impacts of climate change on agriculture, extreme weather and food, threatened food supplies, growing global food demand, rising food prices, world food markets, the global arable land grab, the coming food crisis, adapting to climate change, creating a sustainable food system, expanding food production, restoring soil quality, healthy food, local food sourcing, farm-to-school programs, diets for a sustainable world, vegetarianism and veganism, and sustainable horticulture.

The Secret Ingredient Podcast. Hosted by Raj Patel, Tom Philpott & Rebecca McInroy. In each episode of The Secret Ingredient, hosts Raj, Tom and Rebecca chose one food to investigate. They talk with the people whose life's work has been to understand the complex systems of production, distribution, marketing of the chosen food, and discuss the impact that food has on our lives. They won't tell you what to eat, but they will tell you why you're eating it. Listen Here >>

Science Friday: Feeding A Hotter, More Crowded Planet. Ira Flatow leads discussion with Lester Brown, Gawain Kripke, and Gerald Nelson. Nearly a billion people worldwide don't have reliable access to food, according to United Nations estimates, and some experts worry climate change will drive that number even higher. Flatow and guests discuss the challenge of keeping food supplies secure in the face of a changing climate. What are the problems? Where can we look for solutions? How can farmers adapt in coming generations. Listen Here >>

Voice of America: Extreme Weather Intensifies International Food Crisis. Interview with Lester Brown. Climate change could break Africa’s agricultural backbone. Brown explains: “The earth’s climate system is now changing. And with each passing year, the climate system and the agricultural system are more and more out of sync with each other…making it more difficult for farmers to expand production fast enough to keep up with (world) demand (for food).” Listen Here >>

The 21st Century Goldrush: African Arable Land Grabs. Online presentation by Lester Brown. Countries worried about their future food supplies (along with investment banks) are buying up arable land in Africa, yet they are failing to deliver any benefits to local people. Listen Here >>

China Heeds U.S. Economist's Food Warnings. Radio feature with Lester Brown. One of the reasons often cited for rising food prices is that more and more people in India and China are eating meat and dairy products. Brown has often warned of the possible impacts of this on world food markets, and he has become a person Chinese leaders are listening to very carefully. Listen Here >>

Fresh Air: Food – The Hidden Driver Of Global Politics. Interview with Lester Brown. Food has quickly become the hidden driver of world politics, Brown explains in this interview with Terry Gross. Listen Here >>

Food: Selling Like Hotcakes... And Starting Wars. Interview with Lester Brown. Many are anticipating a global food crisis. A hot commodity is also a high-priced one. Brown details what may prove the coming food crisis in the 21st century. Listen Here >>

The Circular Economy of Soil. Podcast discussion with L. Hunter Lovins. The circular economy is often described as a way to allow technical products and their components to be used as endlessly as possible. But we can’t forget about the biological cycle. How does it work when we come to the system that sustains life: agriculture? Lovins argues that we need a “circular economy of the soil” to feed a growing population, restore soil quality and ultimately reconcile farming systems with natural cycles. Listen Here >>

Cornucopia Podcast: Investigating the Cult, Culture & Business of Food. Hosted by Matt Levine and Jeremy Spiro-Winn. Food isn’t just fuel. It’s a part of culture. A ritual we share with others. A unifier. Cornucopia explores these meanings and myths, the influencers and the influenced. Why people eat this and not that, shop here but not there. Food is big business too. Cornucopia looks at that business, follows from the seed to the store, and explores how food is grown, processed, packaged, marketed and sold. Listen Here >>

Where Valentine's Day Flowers Are Grown, And How To Find Sustainable Blooms. Interview with Amy Stewart. Discusses where Valentine’s Day flowers are grown and how sustainable the flower industry is. Listen Here >>

Edible Rebels. Audio essay by Amy Stewart. Bestselling author Stewart reads an essay adapted from her new book Wicked Bugs about insects, the original edible rebels. Listen Here >>

“I Used To Be A Vegetarian…”. Interview with Rae Sikora. A discussion about why some people decide to stop being veg*n. What obstacles do people face? Why do some people stay committed, while others become discouraged? How can other veggies respond in a helpful and supportive way? Listen Here >>

Rae Sikora Interviews Richard Schwartz: Why People Should Be Vegetarians. Interview conducted by Rae Sikora. Discussion covers a wide array of the ways vegan and vegetarian diets contribute to creating a more sustainable world. Listen Here >>

The Fresh Food Movement. David Steinman interviews Alexandra Gross. Individuals and grassroots organizations in rural and urban areas are on a mission to provide good food to people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. For example, farm-to-school programs have become options for thousands of school districts and food service programs are integrating fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms or from campus or community gardens into their menus. Listen Here >>

Do You Want Delicious Food, a Healthier Body, Mind, Spirit AND a Healthier Planet? Interview with Laura Stec. Stec explains how we can have more delicious food, healthier bodies and combat climate change all at once. She’s got a 6-pronged program that offers many alternatives. You’re bound to find something that works for you, whether it’s the way you shop, eat, cook or treat the soil. Listen Here >>

The Climate Opportunity: Help the Planet While Improving Your Life! Interview with Laura Stec. This two-hour special is co-hosted by Beth Green and Dr. Grant Deane of University of California at San Diego. It includes an interview with Laura Stec, who as a chef, consultant and author shows us how to shop and eat for great taste, better health AND the climate. Listen Here >>

Eight Steps To Improving Your Food Choices. Interview with Annie Bond. The author of True Food: 8 Simple Steps to a Healthier You, Bond discusses why slow, local, organic, and whole food matters, for both your health and the Earth. Listen Here >>

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