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EcoIntelligence sustainability articles, speeches, and interviews.Online audio programs, including presentations, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, talk radio guest appearances, broadcast radio news and feature stories, green performances, and radio documentaries with a broad focus on the benefits and methods of sustainable business management, on greening and restructuring the economy to create a path for sustainable economic progress, and on environmental economics.

Specific topics include leveraging sustainability to maximize value creation, the future of business education, how business leaders can learn to identify opportunities in efforts to make their businesses more resource efficient and sustainable, how sustainable business practices can also increase productivity and profits, and how cooperation between environmentalists and industry is leading to greener products, cleaner environments and higher profits.

The Weatherhead School of Management. Podcast discussion with Chris Laszlo and Roberta Baskin.  Laszlo and Baskin discuss how AIM2Flourish, the world’s first global initiative steering future business leaders toward achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, are leading the way to a better world. Listen Here >>

Toward a New Business Leadership Consciousness. Discussion with Chris Laszlo. In a unique conversation, Dr. Chris Laszlo, Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit joins his father, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, who is internationally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory. The focus of discussion was to learn how to create a world that works for 100 percent of humanity and all life on earth, now and for future generations. Listen Here >>

L. Hunter Lovins & Boyd Cohen on A Better World Radio. Online radio interview with L. Hunter Lovins. The co-authors of Climate Capitalism: Capitalism in the Age of Climate Change explain what some of the largest companies in our country (and world) are doing to increase energy efficiency, green thinking and sustainability. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Listen Here >>

The Circular Economy of Soil. Podcast discussion with L. Hunter Lovins. The circular economy is often described as a way to allow technical products and their components to be used as endlessly as possible. But we can’t forget about the biological cycle. How does it work when we come to the system that sustains life: agriculture? Lovins argues that we need a “circular economy of the soil” to feed a growing population, restore soil quality and ultimately reconcile farming systems with natural cycles. Listen Here >>

Natural Capitalism Solutions & Building a Regenerative Economy. Online discussion with L. Hunter Lovins. Steve McAllister and Gonzo Thompson talk with author and world changer L. Hunter Lovins about implementing genuine sustainability through natural capitalism. Listen Here >>

The Future of Business and Our Planet. Online discussion with L. Hunter Lovins. In this exchange, Lovins observes that “it has become really apparent that there is a business case for sustainability. Activists used to think that it was simply a moral imperative that we would lose life as we know it on the planet, and that remains true, but what has changed… is that companies have realized that when you behave more responsibly to people and the planet, you make more money.” Listen Here >>

Capitalism in an Era of Climate Change. Panel discussion including L. Hunter Lovins. Many companies now calculate their carbon footprint, minimize their packaging, switch to efficient energy sources wherever possible, and some even purchase carbon offsets. Innovative companies are looking beyond the costs of climate change and toward business strategies that capitalize on new opportunities, innovate and spur economic growth. Moving aggressively to solve global warming, peak oil and weaknesses in our energy infrastructure will give us a stronger economy and higher quality of life. Listen Here >>

We’re Losing Every Major Ecosystem on the Planet. Online interview with L. Hunter Lovins. “At present,” Lovins says, “we’re losing every major ecosystem on the planet. What are we doing to ourselves? We have the… intelligence… to make different choices.” In this interview, she outlines those choices and shares how they would benefit businesses and the planet. Listen Here >>

How To Dance With The Tiger Of Sustainability. Presentation excerpts by Brian Nattrass. Discusses the shift towards sustainability in business, and the processes through which companies develop their green growth plans. Listen Here >>

FutureShapers: A Path to Conscious Leadership. Online interview with John Renesch. FutureShapers stands for conscious leadership – leadership that inspires, energizes, and gets results. FutureShapers assists leaders in any organization to lead in a way that inspires the creation of a global society that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just. FutureShapers are transformational leaders who are no longer driving society on an unsustainable path, but instead leading the way in restoring and transforming the world to a bright collective future – a world that works for all. Listen Here >>

Conscious Leadership: Call for a New Paradigm. Presentation by John Renesch. There is an opening for a new breed of leader in our institutions. Many people are fed up with dysfunctional systems and the so-called leaders that populate them. Renesch describes a new breed of leader and discusses our responsibility to bring about change. Listen Here >>

Note to Leadership: Grow Up. Online interview with John Renesch. We face an urgent collective choice: to opt for responsible adulthood over the adolescent ways we relate to one another and our planet. It is not too late to create a future that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just. Renesch identifies behaviors that we need to encourage in ourselves and our leaders. Listen Here >>

Sustainability & Profitability Are Linked. Excerpts from a presentation by Bill Shireman. Shireman explains why in his view you have to have profit or financial incentive aligned with what is good for society. “If it’s not profitable in the end, then the activity can’t be sustained.” Listen Here >>

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