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Water Supply & ResourcesOnline audio programs, including presentations, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, talk radio guest appearances, broadcast radio news and feature stories, green performances, and radio documentaries with a broad focus on the protection and conservation of oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers and other water resources from overuse and misuse, pollution, and other sources of degradation.

Specific topics include the challenges facing endangered marine life, including noise and pollution, the Exxon-Valdez and California offshore oil spills and their economic, cultural and psychological toll, and the illegal dumping of pollutants at sea by cruise ships. On the solutions side, topics include the grassroots ocean movement, indigenous leaders organizing to protect the ocean environment and promote marine and ocean conservation, protecting public access to coasts and beaches, returning wildlife, including Blue Whales swimming just off the Pacific coast, fresh water conservation and other drought mitigation and adaptation techniques, and our connection with water, how it can help us all feel better, live better, and have healthier, happier lives.

The Approachable Architect: Water Conservation. With Co-Host Eric Corey Freed. Discussion of water conservation and the issues surrounding this global problem. Listen in for simple solutions that can be applied in everyday life. Listen Here >>

A Love Affair With The Sea. Interview with David Helvarg. A marine conservationist and author of The Golden Shore: California’s Love Affair with the Sea, Helvarg describes hislove affair with the sea as well as his earlier career as a war correspondent in Central America. This interview also includes a history of beachgoing as well as discussion of the popularization of surfing and the future of the California coastline. Listen Here >>

Protecting Public Access To Public Beaches. Interview with Rob Caughlan. Features a discussion of the struggle to protect public access to one of California’s premiere surfing beaches, Martins Beach. Focuses on a lawsuit by the Surfrider Foundation to enforce public access laws, and includes an interview with Rob Caughlan, environmental activist and former president of the Foundation. Listen Here >>

Native Alaskans Still Reeling From Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill. Interview with Dune Lankard. Lankard explains how and why the Exxon-Valdez oil spill's economic, cultural and psychological toll was enormous for his people. “It was more than just an oil spill,” he told Here & Now's Robin Young. “We had an Alaskan dream, and that dream was intact for several thousands of years. And our relationship was with that land and sea and all of those animals ... And so when that was disrupted, that fabric of our way of life and our Alaskan dream was also stolen from us.” Listen Here >>

Interview With Renowned Architect Peter Ellis. Interview conducted by David Gottfried. Ellis discusses his work on very large site and city design, including Jaypee Sports City that is home to a million people in India, 30 miles south of New Delhi. His city and campus design practice embraces new concepts on transportation, water, energy and waste. Another specialty is the re-structuring of America’s 19th-century cities, focusing on how they could contribute positively to the natural environment. Listen Here >>

A Myriad Of Challenges Facing Ocean Life. Interview with David Helvarg. Dr. Rob Moir talks with Helvarg about the myriad challenges facing endangered marine life, from Hawaii to Georges Banks, and from the Louisiana Bayous to Michigan’s Straits of Mackinac. Also covered is the health of species in Hawaiian waters, including monk seals, Nene Geese, and other indigenous wildlife. Listen Here >>

Method to the Madness. Interview with David Gottfried. Lisa Kiefer interviews the father of the green building movement about the California drought and specific mitigation and adaptation techniques for California residents. Listen Here >>

The Seaweed Rebellion: Saving The Earth By Saving The Oceans. Discussion with David Helvarg, Michael Stocker, and Anne Rowley. The marine news is heartbreaking. Ocean defenders Helvarg, Stocker, and Rowley illuminate both the peril of noise and plastics pollution and the promise they see In the Seaweed Rebellion to save the oceans and ourselves. From the Bioneers Radio Series. Listen Here >>

How Water Can Soothe, Heal & Transform Your Life! Interview with Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. A discussion of our connection with the water, and how it can help us all feel better, live better, and have healthier, happier lives. This wide ranging interview also includes conversation about a million dollar fish, spear guns, one billion baby turtles, and a sea-turtle shaped ring. Listen Here >>

Seaweed Rebels Rally With Sherman's Lagoon For Oceans. Discussion with David Helvarg and Jim Toomey. Blue Frontier Campaign president Helvarg and Sherman’s Lagoon syndicated cartoonist Toomey talk about the goals and accomplishments of the National Ocean Policy Task Force. They also discuss the “Seaweed Rebellion,” which has brought people together and provided focus while enhancing awareness of the grassroots ocean movement. Listen Here >>

Is Water the Sine Qua Non of "Red" and "Blue" America? Discussion with Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. Water and proximity to water impacts us in profound ways that stem from our evolutionary biology and extend to health, happiness and a more holistic view of the world. This discussion explores man's connection to water. Listen Here >>

Ocean Advocates Saving The Sea In Washington. Interview with David Helvarg. The founder and Executive Director of Blue Frontier speaks about what is happening in Washington and about his latest book Saved by the Sea. He discusses the purposes of the Blue Vision Summit, and he also explains the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards for excellence in stewardship, science, policy, marine exploration and youth activism. Listen Here >>

Be Better Podcast: Blue Mind. Interview with Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. Features a discussion about the neurophysiology of the impact of water on our mental and physical health and about the power of nature. Listen Here >>

Lawsuit Against Sale Of Genetically Modified Salmon. Interview with Dune Lankard. A senior Alaska representative with the Center for Biological Diversity, Lankard talks about why some scientists and a growing number of consumers oppose genetically altering animal species. His group has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for approving AquaBounty Technologies, Inc.'s first-ever genetically engineered food animal, an Atlantic Salmon. Listen Here >>

From California's Golden Shore To D.C.'s Blue Vision Summit. Interview with David Helvarg. Helvarg discusses his book: Golden Shore: California’s Love Affair with the Sea. He describes the passionate stewardship that arose from the California offshore oil spill and the ensuing images of seabirds covered in black tarry oil. Today the golden state is first in the nation for ocean conservation. Helvarg gives many examples of returning wildlife, including Blue Whales swimming just offshore from the very busy ports at Los Angeles and Long Beach. Listen Here >>

Formless Warriors: 21st Century Wisdom. Interview with Enei Begaye, Dune Lankard, and Hawk Rosales. For thousands of years, First Peoples have successfully managed the complex reciprocal relationships between biological and human cultures using traditional ecological knowledge. Yet no prior human civilization has ever faced the globalized ecological collapse occurring now. In the face of unprecedented pressures on their homelands and ways of life, indigenous leaders Begaye, Lankard, and Rosales are organizing in new ways to protect the environment. Listen Here >>

Blue Mind: Water & Our Health, Brain, Well-Being. Discussion with Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. A dialogue about the interface of water, neuroscience, health, creativity and well-being. Listen Here >>

Blue Visions & Seaweed Rebels. Interview with David Helvarg. Helvarg talks about the urgent need and opportunity for change. He explains the “Seaweed Rebellion,” a marine grassroots initiative by coastal and ocean activists including surfers, sailors, scientists, environmentalists, maritime workers, coastal communities and many others. He enumerates the many possibilities for citizen activists to restore healthy seas. Listen Here >>

Marine Biologist Extraordinaire. Interview with Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. “Our ocean is in trouble,” Nichols explains. “We’re putting too much into it, taking too much out of it, and destroying the edge,” and then he articulates three powerful “calls to action.” Listen Here >>

Retiring Coal Rights In Alaska Helps Native Americans In California. Interview with Dune Lankard. A recent deal to preserve forests in Southeast Alaska by retiring coal rights for the Bering River Coal Field is being heralded as a ground-breaking decision that could have positive implications for Native American tribes in California. Lankard, who as the founder of the Eyak Preservation Council was instrumental in making the land-protection deal happen, explains why. Listen Here >>

Stanford Kranky Kids Radio. Interview with Rob Caughlan. Discussion answering kid’s questions about beach access and ocean pollution, the Surfrider Foundation, and surfing in general. Listen Here >>

DePauw 2010 Commencement Address. Presentation by Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. In his commencement address to the DePauw University Class of 2010, Nichols extolled a commitment to improving the environment and working to make the world a better place. “Our actions, wherever we are, matter to the future of the ocean, and the future of the ocean matters to all of us.” Listen Here >>

Exxon’s Oil to Tennessee’s Coal. Includes an interview with Dune Lankard. It’s been more than 20 years since the Exxon Valdez crashed in the Prince William Sound and spilled ten million gallons of oil into Alaska’s waters and shores. It was one of the largest man-made ecological disasters in history, and the effects are still being felt today. On this program, we hear from Dune Lankard, co-founder of the Resisting Environmental Degradation of Indigenous Lands Network, and other Alaskans who saw their homes forever altered, and have been fighting Exxon in court ever since. Listen Here >>

Cruise Ships Named In Illegal Dumping Case. Interview with Ross Klein. Cruise ship industry expert Klein explains how the guilty plea by Princess Cruise Lines to illegal dumping of pollutants at sea will tarnish the industry's image. Listen Here >>

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