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EcoIQ has been assisted by a great many talented and dedicated people and creative companies over our now thirty plus years in business (since 1989). Over the next two years, EcoIQ will officially go “out of business.” The website, however, will stay online and active in pursuit of a new path. It will transition to functioning as a non-business privately supported publication, and the still useful parts of the legacy site will remain accessible online in an archive.

It wouldn’t be right to move on from one phase to another without acknowledging and thanking those who have helped over these past 30 years. Many people have given more than just their time. Paid staff, contractors, advisors, authors, and speakers have also given their genuine commitment.

Individuals deserving of special thanks include Jose Bautista, Lester Brown, Mark Brown, Michael Castleman, Rob Caughlan, Dan Chiras, Kathy Cushman, Roberta Dunlap, Duane Elgin, Christine Ervin, Melissa Everett, Gloria Flora, Richard Gertman, Cristina Goulart, John Hart, Denis Hayes, Huey Johnson, Mike Kahn, Wally McGuire, Raj Patel, Bill Shireman, Gary Starkweather, Kevin Veltfort, Karen Walz, David Wann, and Les White. Two other dear friends now passed away must also not be forgotten: Shirley Lewis, Vice Mayor of San Jose, and Lou Garcia, Deputy City Manager in San Jose.

Early in EcoIQ Magazine’s run as a quarterly (1998 – 2002), we formed two groups to help. See our Advisors and Contributing Writers pages for acknowledgment of the advice and assistance provided.

We feel honored and grateful that more than 220 sustainability speakers trusted us to represent them through a speakers bureau. We promoted such sustainability thought leaders as Lester Brown, Paul Ehrlich. Denis Hayes, Huey Johnson, Joe Romm, Hunter Lovins, Raj Patel, and many others of stature and accomplishment. Collectively, they have made thousands of speeches and presentations all over the world. They have informed and inspired millions with messages of hope and direction for the creation of a sustainable future. We have been privileged to place them in venues all over the planet.

Finally, several talented video producers were collaborators in our stock footage service, supplying the raw footage from which we edited thousands of clips. The most significant of these video producers were: Doug Hawes-Davis of High Plains Films; Carlo Ferraro of Ferraro Nature Films; Odell Hussey of Odell Hussey Photography; and Doug MacCormack of Ol’ Eagle Eye Video Productions.

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