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Transforming Transportation

Educational Institutions & Centers

ATR Institute

California PATH: Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways (Berkeley)

Center for Transportation Policy and Management

Center for Transportation Research (Texas)

Center for Transportation Research and Education

Center for Transportation Studies (Univ. of Minnesota)

Center for Urban Transportation Research

Center for Urban Transportation Studies

Centre for Air Transport and the Environment

Council of University Transportation Centers

Georgia Tech Research Institute Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory

Georgia Transportation Institute

Illinois Rural Transit Assistance Center

Innovative Transportation Technologies

Institute for Transportation Research and Education

Institute of Transportation Studies (UC Davis)

Institute of Transportation Studies (UC Irvine)

Kansas University Transportation Center

Kentucky Transportation Center

Kiewit Center for Infrastructure and Transportation

Lehman Center for Transportation Research

Louisiana Transportation Research Center

Marketing Institute

McTrans: Center for Microcomputers in Transportation

Mid-America Transportation Center

Mineta Transportation Institute

MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

MIT Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

MIT Intelligent Transportation Systems Program

MIT Intelligent Transportation Research Center

Nashville Auto-Diesel College

National Transit Institute

National Transportation Center at Morgan State University

Northwestern University Transportation Center

Pennsylvania Transportation Institute

Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure & Transportation

SMARRT Challenge

Southeastern Transportation Center

Texas Transportation Institute

Transportation Northwest

University of California Riverside Bourns College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology

University of California Transportation Center (Berkeley)

University of California Irvine: Zero Emission Vehicle - Network Enabled Transport (ZEV-NET)

University of Delaware: Vehicle to Grid Power (V2G)

University of Illinois Urban Transportation Center

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

University of Minnesota ITS Institute

University of New South Wales: Sunswift II

University of Washington: Intelligent Transportation Systems

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Western Transportation Institute

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