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A Practical Guide for Fixing our Democracy
By Indivisible

We must recognize that Republicans have been working to rig our democracy for decades. They know the country is getting more diverse and more unequal. They know a truly representative democracy will reject their radical social and economic agenda. We have a short window to save our democracy. Getting it done depends on all of us, and this new Indivisible guide provides a blueprint. More >>

Join the Democracy Class Movement
By Rock the Vote

Source summary: Democracy Class is a free, nonpartisan curriculum that educates high school students about the importance and history of voting and pre-registers and registers them to vote. More >>

A Practical Guide to Defeating MAGA
By Indivisible

The fight for an inclusive, multiracial democracy is not over, and we’re not stopping until we get there. In the face of rising authoritarianism, we still need structural democracy reforms to unrig our political system and make it work for everyday people. And we need to increase confidence and trust in our government by delivering material benefits to people, and by solving big problems like income inequality and the climate crisis. To achieve that vision, we need to win in 2024. More >>

Campaign Skills 101
By National Democratic Institute

A step-by-step guide to campaign skills from an international perspective, with useful lessons for U.S. activists. More >>

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The Art of a One-on-One
By Indivisible

Protesters' Rights
By the American Civil Liberties Union

Published: August 2023

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