Pro-Democracy Organizations

Hundreds of organizations powered by dedicated leaders and volunteers are at work around the country on some aspect of making our democracy work better. We looked at more than one hundred, and from that distilled the pages described and linked below.

Overall, the picture that emerges is of a very strong and growing movement. That movement is impelled by both the immediate need to protect and revitalize our democracy and the equally urgent need to get our elected leaders to stop neglecting our most vital interests. For everyone who wants to help, there are ways that fit every circumstance. So jump in. This movement needs you.

Pro-Democracy Reform Campaigns

People are fed up. Broad coalitions are being built to fix our broken system. A wave of reform is building that can grow into tsunami and transform our democracy. But there's one catch. No savior will deliver this to us. Instead, we must join together to save ourselves. More >>

Advancing Voting Rights

There are countless schemes to suppress the vote. The denial and suppression of voting rights is intended to keep minority views and special interests in charge of our government for the foreseeable future. Thousands of activists are fighting to defeat this suppression of voting. We should all actively support them. More >>

Providing Support & Mobilization for Voters

Eligible voters are encouraged and assisted in registering and voting. Voters can have easier access to the facts about incumbents' voting records. Peer-to-peer communication apps built to mobilize voting allow friends to remind friends to vote. And why stop at voting when you can run for office and help provide the leadership we need. More >>

Ensuring Transparency in Elections

Manipulation, election-rigging schemes, hiding who pays for dishonest ads, all these sins and more are business as usual. Verified fairness and honesty are needed to restore trust in the democratic process. Some of the challenge is simply to make honest information accessible to citizens and journalists. For that, volunteers can help. More >>

Revitalizing Civics Education

Younger voters have the most to lose, the most to gain, and yet are sometimes the least involved. As a result, the future is underrepresented. Young people have witnessed a flagrant display of dysfunction, bad faith, and dishonesty. While some engage, others recoil in disgust. Engaging more young voters is vital to making democracy work. More >>

Pro-Democracy Centers & Institutes

Invaluable work in support of democracy is being done by university centers and institutes. They do many things of interest and value to pro-democracy reformers. They are often focused primarily within their respective states, so the most fruitful organizations for activists to check out will be those located in their own states. More >>

Improving Media Performance

Media reform is complex, and involves questions for which answers are elusive. How does a free society deal with a massive and ultra-sophisticated propaganda operation with no limits on either financing or deception? We are simply not equipped to deal with fake news, let alone a fabricated worldview constructed in bad faith. More >>

Building Community & Building Trust

Without building up communities that cooperate, without trust in each other and in ourselves, we can never make our democracy work as it must. Getting to a very high level of democratic functionality is inconceivable unless we stand down from today's hostilities and return to working together, before it is too late. More >>

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Published: August 2019
Revised: July 2023

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