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Your Success as a Paid Speaker

To succeed as a paid speaker, you need to effectively showcase your speaking talents, describe what you speak about in a manner that makes the value and appeal of your presentations clear to your potential audiences, constantly strive to improve your presentations, and represent yourself in dealing with venues and booking agents in a professional and savvy fashion.

Showcasing Your Speaking Talents

There are just a handful of key elements to selling yourself as a speaker. They include demonstrating to the inquiring venue that you are an engaging speaker, that the inquiring venue’s audience will both enjoy and learn from your presentation, that your credibility and stature can make you an event draw and an event marketing asset, and that you can and will address directly the issues of greatest importance to the booking organization and its audience. All of these aspects of how best to present what you offer as a speaker are addressed in much more detail here >>

Turning Inquiries Into Engagements

When an inquiry comes in, what are the best ways to evaluate it and then respond? What are the questions to ask, the things to look for? What are the issues you should cover in discussions? What’s the best way to explain what you talk about? How should you approach discussion of your speaking fee, expense reimbursements, and payment terms? Speakers want to match the fee they quote with the work they’ll be expected to do. How can you establish clarity about your scope of work? More about turning inquiries into engagements here >>

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