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Showcasing Your Speaking Talents

Seeing Is Believing: Effective Use Of Video

There are many ways to demonstrate, either directly or indirectly, your talents as a speaker. Video of you making an outstanding presentation is generally the most effective. Seeing is believing, so videos of you clearly relating to an audience are golden. Audible oohs and aahs, laughter, visible captivation, and even (if you have been lucky enough to capture it) a standing ovation at the end will do more to sell you than anything else. Paired with a related testimonial, this tells bookers what they most want to believe. If they engage you, you’ll be a smash hit with their audience. More on the effective use of video here >>

More Evidence Of Speaking Excellence

Regardless of what sort of video you possess, other evidence of your speaking talents may include testimonials, experience at multiple credible venues, speaking references, and radio interview segments. All will contribute to building your case. More on the use of other methods to showcase the quality of your speaking here >>

Stature & Credibility On Topic

Part of showcasing your speaking talents is establishing your credibility and stature (both on topic and in general). Many things can contribute. Published books, articles, awards, honors, and other recognitions can be cited. Best sellers are more than just books. Your articles (or articles about you) published in The New York Times convey stature, whereas articles in your hometown newspaper may not. More on establishing your stature and credibility here >>

Describing Your Topical Focus

No explanation of showcasing your speaking talents would be complete without discussion of how best to describe the focus of your talks, your topics. It is common for people searching for a speaker to think so-and-so is probably a great speaker, but he/she isn’t addressing the issues that are most important to us. These are often snap judgments, made on the basis of a few generic one-size-fits-all sentences you have provided, and the person conducting the search may never even ask if you can address the issues most important to them. More on describing your topical focus here >>

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