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Over the last twenty-five plus years, has developed a dozen websites and posted thousands of pages of online articles, videos, resource guides, and related materials. Quite a bit of this is now too dated to be useful, and we are in the process of sorting out this no-longer-useful material and taking it offline. For those interested in the history of EcoIQ's work, a description is part of From The Editor. Over these two plus decades, we have served more than 10 million site visitors from more than 100 countries around the world.

Our EcoIQ Magazine Archive section has preserved more than 20 features, opinion articles, book excerpts, and book reviews that have continuing value.

From our Speakers Bureau website, now retired, we have preserved a section of articles For Speakers. This is intended to help sustainability-focused speakers be more effective in marketing and developing themselves for paid engagements. Many environmental authors make more from speaking than they do from their books, which is good because they couldn't survive and continue without income beyond what their books will produce.

Our work developing Online Resource Guides covers a lot of territory. We have good size collections of online videos, audio programs, and articles, all organized by both subject and author/speaker. All were updated in 2017 and 2018. Most of the other Resource Guides are being removed. Two exceptions, our original Link Center as well as a substantial collection of resources focused on the needs of Video Producers, we will keep online. Both have some use value still, and we are slowly cleaning them out and updating them.

From our video production work, we have preserved a collection of the videos we produced or edited in support of our speakers. We also created a YouTube channel for our speakers, and it will be retained until at least the end of 2020. For historical and archival purposes, we have also kept online video previews of the roughly 5,000 royalty free video stock footage clips we offered on (no longer active). And, as mentioned above, our collection of Resources For Video Producers will remain available.

To accomplish the video work described above, we created an in-house production capability (camera, editing deck, software, expertise) and begin to shoot, edit, and produce video. In addition, several talented video producers were collaborators in our stock footage service, supplying the raw footage from which we edited thousands of clips. The most significant of these video producers were: Doug Hawes-Davis of High Plains Films; Carlo Ferraro of Ferraro Nature Films; Odell Hussey of Odell Hussey Photography; and Doug MacCormack of Ol' Eagle Eye Video Productions.

We have also preserved most of our section of pages about EcoIQ itself. These include a collection of articles and reports by EcoIQ Founder Dennis Church as well as our EcoIQ Credits: It Took A Village, EcoIQ Advisors, and Contributing Editors pages acknowledging the many people who have helped in significant ways.

Two additional pages provide more ways to navigate this still large website. The Site Directory serves as the primary incoming page to the archival site, and it emphasizes those aspects of the old site that have the greatest continuing usefulness. Our Navigating page also has a distinctive role. It provides topic specific direct links into some of the media collections, as well as additional links that many will find help them go directly to what interests them the most.

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