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65 Videos Produced for EcoSpeakers

For more than 20 years, operated a speakers bureau, EcoSpeakers, and to support that effort we produced and posted online 65 videos showing our speakers in action. Our projects ranged from complete production (editing, graphics, stills, titles, narration, music, cut away footage) to smaller projects requiring only minor editing, titling, and watermarking.

There are many ways to demonstrate, either directly or indirectly, a speaker’s talents, but nothing works more effectively to convey that someone is a good speaker than video. Seeing is believing. EcoIQ worked to make videos that captured speakers relating to an audience – audible oohs and aahs, laughter, rapt attention, and a strong ovation sells a speaker better than any amount of verbiage ever could.

Rob CaughlanOn the full production end of our video efforts, we made Riding the Waves of Change for surfer, environmental activist, and political warrior Rob Caughlan. Rob has been a friend and ally for many years (he suggested the name EcoIQ), so it was fun to make this video showing Rob wearing his many hats and inspiring future activists through his speaking.

When we didn’t start from scratch but had videos from the speaker to begin with, it was our task to knit together 5 minutes or so of the best segments from what might have begun as raw tape of a 45-minute talk shot by a non-professional using a single camera.

Often the best segments of videos supplied by speakers contained the most distracting problems. People walked in front of or bumped the camera, made attention grabbing sounds, or turned lights on or off. Our challenge was to edit out these problems so the power of the speaker’s words would not be lost in the distracting clutter. Success in creating an effective 5-minute speaker video could require scores of small edits and a dozen or more clever fixes. Two of the more challenging projects along these lines were Ideas Can Change the World and Winning the Oil Endgame.

EcoSpeakersSome speakers who joined our EcoSpeakers bureau had polished videos in hand, but those videos were sometimes too long or too broadly focused to fit well in our unique EcoSpeakers topic framework. Our solution was to do reshaping edits, extracting and repackaging what fit our topic focus into shorter videos. Two of our projects illustrate this type of effort. The first was a pantomime 5-minute sketch on the history of oil from the performance duo Quiet Riot. The second involved a video produced for the natural scientist and speaker Reese Halter entitled How To Solve Global Warming.

We also produced a couple of dozen very short videos. They ranged from 30 to 90 seconds and stitched together between 6 and 15 very short clips, often taken from far-flung locations in a much longer video, to create a very compact story. In each case, there was a clear and important point made. We wanted these videos to have value in the message they put out into the world and not just be marketing videos for particular speakers. As examples, see Anyone Can Make A Difference, When Activists Greened Congress, Inspired By A Solar Skyscraper, Moving Beyond Industrialism, and Value = Green.

We posted all 65 of our videos as an EcoSpeakers YouTube Channel. With 510 subscribers, our channel attracted more than 110,000 views by event planners and others looking for speakers. We created nine specific playlists (click to view each) covering the concept of sustainability, green values, clean energy, water resources protection, agriculture and food, climate change, sustainable business, green building, and green performances (folk singing, standup comedy, poetry).

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