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Making Change Happen

Making Change Happen image..This section lists environment and sustainability online videos about making change happen. Environmental change can be accomplished on both large and small scales, from individuals and communities to countries and multi-national companies. How quickly and effectively we bring about change will determine the future of our global civilization.

Topics in this section include building the environmental movement, civic (political and community) engagement, leading nonprofit organizations, environmental law, state and national politics and government, motivating businesses to change, employee empowerment, social marketing, green parenting, resolving environmental conflicts, protecting whistleblowers, and more.

"" Vision 2020 Transpartisan Leadership Workshop. Introduced and moderated by Bill Shireman. This panel at California’s Vision 2020 conference joined conservative, libertarian and progressive thought leaders in a discussion of how to bridge political divides. In addition to Shireman, it included John Gable, Steven Greenhut, and Joan Blades. Together, they introduced a powerful practice for healing relationships that are broken or diminished because of divergent political orientations – offering communication techniques that build understanding across divides. About 30 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Surfrider Victory. Presentation excerpt by Rob Caughlan. Caughlan discusses his involvement with the Surfrider Foundation and their victory in what Newsweek called the "second largest clean water enforcement action in the nation's history." About 1 minute. Play Video >>

"" Politics, Consumption & The Human Future. Presentation by Paul Ehrlich. Summarizes the arguments made in his book, coauthored with Anne Ehrlich, One With Nineveh: Politics, Consumption, and the Human Future. He argues that overpopulation, over-consumption, and political and economic inequities are causing severe environmental and societal degradation. He recommends urgent and achievable political reforms in the United States and worldwide. About 1 hour. Play Video >>

"" Lessons On Environmental Activism. Learning from the mistakes the environmental movement made during the Clinton Administration, Dr. Bob Musil, Chairman of the Board for 2020 Vision, advises us to remember grassroots activism in the Obama era. About 4 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Energy And Environmental Issues During The 2004 Presidential Campaign. Online interview with Roger Ballentine. Ballentine was a senior adviser to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on energy and environmental issues during the 2004 campaign and is currently president of Green Strategies, Inc. In this video, he looks back at Kerry's successes and failures during the presidential race. About 13 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Marketing Green To Women. Presentation excerpts by Diane MacEachern. MacEachern discusses engaging women in environmentally friendly and sustainable living and shopping. She reviews statistics showing the large retail purchasing power that women have and ties it in to the green marketplace. She provides examples of green companies and products that are getting the marketing right. About 9 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Selflessness Is Profitable. Presentation excerpts by Josh Tetrick. A graduation address that encourages students to develop a powerful vision - helping them gain clarity about what they may want to study in college and ultimately create with their lives. He talks about the great social and environmental needs that exist in the world - poverty, hunger, climate change, species extinction, and more. He encourages the students to take advantage of the career opportunities that relate to solving these problems and in the process find fulfillment, make a living, and ultimately thrive. About 10 minutes. Play Video >>

"" You Can Make A Difference: Profile & Speaking Sampler. Excerpts from speeches by Rob Caughlan. Profiles Caughlan, with historical background and speech excerpts of him inspiring individuals to make a difference. Caughlan's speeches and lectures are based upon years of experience as an environmental activist and a communications professional, both rallying citizens to action and advising in the halls of power. About 7 minutes. Play Video >> | Play QuickTime >>

"" Greening the United States House of Representatives. Presentation excerpts by Pete McCloskey. McCloskey discusses how the first Earth Day in 1970 was a pivotal event in raising awareness for the environment in the U.S. political system. About 2 minutes. Play Video >>

"" The Achuar: Green Inspiration From The Amazon. Presentation excerpts by Larry Lansburgh. Lansburgh, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, introduces you to his presentation on the "Dream People of the Amazon." It is about how a small group of indigenous people, the Achuar of the Ecuadorian Amazon, came up against the money and power of multinational oil companies and won. About 5 minutes. Play Video >>